Day: April 9, 2019

Mengapa Seorang Wanita Harus Mengkonsumsi Suplemen Ketika Hamil?

Selama kehamilan, asupan makronutrien wanita perlu tumbuh secara signifikan. Makronutrien termasuk karbohidrat, protein, dan lemak. Misalnya, asupan protein perlu ditingkatkan dari 0,36 gram per pon (0,8 gram per kg) yang direkomendasikan untuk wanita yang tidak hamil menjadi 0,5 gram per pon (1,1 gram per kg) dari berat badan untuk wanita hamil.

Hasil gambar untuk Mengapa Seorang Wanita Harus Mengkonsumsi Suplemen Ketika Hamil?

Namun, persyaratan untuk zat gizi mikro, yang meliputi vitamin, mineral, dan elemen pelacak, meningkat bahkan lebih banyak daripada kebutuhan zat gizi makro. Oleh karena itu Anda harus pintar dalam memilih multivitamin ibu hamil paling lengkap.

Suplemen yang dianggap aman selama kehamilan

  1. Asam Folat

Folat adalah vitamin B yang memainkan peran penting dalam sintesis DNA, produksi sel darah merah dan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan janin. Asam folat adalah bentuk sintetis dari folat yang ditemukan dalam banyak suplemen. Itu akan dikonversi menjadi bentuk aktif folat, L-methylfolate, di dalam tubuh.

Disarankan bahwa wanita hamil mengkonsumsi 600 ug folat atau asam folat per hari untuk mengurangi risiko cacat tabung saraf dan kelainan bawaan seperti langit-langit mulut sumbing dan cacat jantung pada bayi. Meskipun folat yang cukup dapat diperoleh melalui diet, banyak wanita tidak makan cukup makanan kaya folat, membuat suplemen diperlukan.

  1. Zat Besi

Kebutuhan akan zat besi meningkat secara signifikan selama kehamilan, karena volume darah ibu meningkat hampir. Zat besi sangat penting untuk transportasi oksigen dan pertumbuhan serta perkembangan janin dan plasenta yang sehat.

Anemia selama kehamilan telah dikaitkan dengan persalinan preterm, depresi ibu dan anemia bayi. Asupan yang direkomendasikan dari 27 mg zat besi per hari dapat dipenuhi melalui sebagian besar vitamin prenatal. Namun, wanita hamil dengan kekurangan zat besi atau anemia membutuhkan dosis zat besi yang lebih tinggi, dikelola oleh dokter mereka.

  1. Vitamin prenatal

Vitamin prenatal adalah multivitamin yang diformulasikan khusus untuk memenuhi peningkatan permintaan akan zat gizi mikro selama kehamilan. Mereka dimaksudkan untuk diambil sebelum konsepsi dan selama kehamilan dan menyusui.

Studi pengamatan menunjukkan bahwa suplemen vitamin prenatal mengurangi risiko kelahiran prematur dan preeklampsia. Preeklampsia adalah komplikasi yang berpotensi berbahaya yang ditandai dengan tekanan darah tinggi dan kemungkinan protein dalam urin. Vitamin prenatal harus memenuhi kriteria sebagai multivitamin ibu hamil dengan DHA tinggi.

Decorating Your Home Cheaply and Easily

Do you ever look around your house and cringe at the idea of inviting guests over? Maybe you need a few things to give your home that special oomph, both for visitors and for your own happiness. Here are some easy tips for making your abode the best it can be without spending a bundle.

Eyes to the Wall

Posters, portraits, paintings, mirrors, fun clocks… just about anything you can put on a wall is bound to give your abode a little extra character. Mirrors in particular, are great for reflecting light, giving your home some extra, uplifting illumination.

Lights, Camera… Well, Just Lights

There’s no need to break the bank with pricey chandeliers: you can buy perfectly affordable, visually appealing ceiling lights from online distributors and furniture stores alike. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try out really eye-catching designs, like bamboo lattice and spider pendant lamps, and also consider some floor lamps, which can really light up a room. You can even go a step further and try out some uniquely shaped light bulbs (ever seen one of those brain-shaped ones? Talk about thought provoking!).

Heavy [Handcrafted] Metal

Items made from handcrafted metal can be a beautiful addition to the household, whether it’s a table ornament or a stainless steel screen for your fireplace. They can even be used for gate entrances, warmly welcoming your guests before they’ve even made it to your front door.

Spruce up Your Furniture

Add some life to your tables with a colorful tablecloth (make sure it’s easy to wash!) and make those sofas and chairs look even more appealing with some creatively designed pillows. Even a stylish lampshade (which you can buy or even make yourself) can really bring out a room’s “je ne sais quoi.”

If just thinking about some of these things around your house makes you smile, then get to it! You’ll feel good on the inside and even better when your friends complement your eye for décor.…

Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Summer

After a long winter, you’re likely ready for some summer sun and fun and spending more time outdoors. However, after months of being dormant, the area around your home likely needs a little sprucing up before you can be ready to entertain guests and lounge outdoors. Follow these easy tips and you’re home will be ready for long, lazy summer days in no time.

Clear Clutter

After months of being neglected, you’ve likely accumulated some clutter in your yard. This is especially true if you have pets who use your backyard to go to the bathroom. Take some time to rake up excess leaves, pet droppings, and other debris so your yard looks clean and fresh.

Repair Boards

In the winter time, boards tend to come loose from wind. Repair any loose boards you may have on your steps, decking, and other spots around your hard. If you have areas that have seen excess wear, such as your fence, you may want to hire professionals to handle your fence repair columbus ohio, so you know it’s done properly.

Prep Your Pool

If you don’t own a pool, then you’re already one step closer to completing your summer to-do list. However, if you’re a pool owner, you know that there’s a lot of work involved in getting yours ready for the summer months and that it’s best to start early so you can maximize your time with it. Clean our excess leaves and other debris, give your liner a good vacuum or your tiles a good thorough scrubbing, and refill it before treating it.

Plan Plants

If your landscaping is simple or you have plants that come back ever year, then you simply just have to check to be sure that they have the space they need and the right soil to grow and thrive. If you plant new flowers every year, then you should start planning what your landscaping will look like.

These simple tips can help your home be ready for summer. Complete these items and you’ll have more time to enjoy the sun.…