Building a home involves many stages. These involve building the foundation, framing, plumbing and electrical, just to name a few. Another aspect of building a home might include constructing a shed in your backyard.

Depending the style of house you build and the type of backyard attached to it, the design of the shed will very. This design will need to compliment your house. The type of shed you chose will also have to be practical for your backyard.

Consider a home with a small backyard. This type of yard will require a shed that is simple and compact in design. Consider the lean-to shed. The lean-to shed is great for yards with limited space, This style of garden shed can be attached to the side of your garage or patio entrance. It would be a great place to store your garden supplies and tools.

The lean-to shed consists of a roof that has only one pitch. The roof can be flat, but having a pitch makes it more resistance to the effects of rainfall and snow.

Another type of backyard shed to consider for a small yard is the pent roof style shed. Unlike the lean-to style shed it is designed to be a stand-alone structure. Its design is very distinctive. The roof consists of a single flat piece which has a slight slope or pitch. The base of the structure can be concrete or wood.

The gable roof shed is another design to consider. Depending on its footprint it can easily fit into a small or medium-sized backyard. This shed design has an A-frame style roof. This means the roof has two sides of the same size and pitch The roof allows for extra head room and more storage space for your garden tools and supplies. This style of shed will be more complicated to build when compared to a lean-to or pent roof style shed because of the roof design. The gable roof shed also compliments many house designs because of its A-frame style roof.

The clerestory style shed is another shed design with a very distinctive roof. It is very well suited for a larger backyard with a well-developed garden. The structure of the roof consists of a row of windows at the top of the roof. These a know as clerestory windows. The windows allow sunlight to travel through them and spread into the shed structure. This provides excellent lighting from the sun. This also makes the shed into a great place to work or store potting plants. Because of its roof design it is the most complicated of the sheds mentioned here.

Building a shed in your backyard can be a rewarding experience. Knowing the best design for your yard will help make your building experience an even more rewarding experience. It is recommended you use some type of proven shed design plan to guide you in the shed building process. Using proven shed building plans will help you determine which shed design is best for your needs and backyard.

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