You decided to sell your home this year, and you want to sell it fast because you found another house you love. So, what can you do to make sure your home doesn’t sit on the market for weeks or months? Professionals in the interior design and real estate markets have suggestions on how to prepare your home for a quick sale. Here are four of those ideas.

1. Declutter

The more of your personality you take out of the house, the better the buyer can imagine what his or her personal items may look like in the rooms. Decluttering means removing pictures, books, and bric-a-brac. The clutter-free rooms will look bigger and more open as you purge personal belongings.

2. Paint

No matter what color your home’s walls are, repaint them for a clean appearance. Make sure you get rid of any dark or bright colors on walls or trim and remove wallpaper. Ask your handyman to patch all the dents and imperfections in the wall, so the potential buyer has nothing to complain about.

3. Outside

Clean the yard and trim the grass. Pull out dead bushes and replant the area with fresh flowers. Remove the grime from the outside of your home by contacting a pressure washing company Washington. Make sure the deck or patio is in good repair and check the fence for damage.

4. Windows

Wash the windows inside and out so that the sunshine can brighten every room in your home. When you show your house, make sure the curtains and draperies are open to let the natural light highlight the rooms you have so carefully staged.

You can quickly sell your home if you take the advice of the professionals and make these four changes. It may take some time to get your home ready, but when you put it on the market, you can be sure it will sell.