With infidelity and extramarital affairs at an all time high, more and more people with cheating mates are buying surveillance or spy equipment to find out the truth, get proof of infidelity, or catch the cheater in the act. If you suspect your spouse or significant other of cheating, you may be planning to purchase surveillance equipment such as:

  • Listening or recording devices to eavesdrop on the cheater’s conversations.
  • Hidden cameras in all sizes and shapes, often disguised as common household items, to secretly view what the cheater is doing.
  • GPS tracking devices to monitor where the cheater goes, or the location of the cheater’s car.
  • Software or gadgets to install on the cheater’s computer to monitor their e-mails, Instant Messages, chats, or other online / internet activities.

What you may not realize is that by using surveillance equipment to spy on your cheating mate, you could be breaking the law.

Illegal Use of Surveillance Equipment

Buying this equipment is not illegal. But using it to spy on a cheating spouse could put you on the wrong side of the law. In your eagerness to get the good on your cheating mate, it may not occurred to you that there are laws governing the use of surveillance equipment to electronically eavesdrop or intercept the conversations, communications or activities of another person without their knowledge or consent.

Most states, as well as the federal government, have strict laws regarding where, when, how and under what circumstances surveillance equipment can be used. Even if you hire someone else, or persuade a friend or relative to use surveillance or spy equipment on your behalf, you could still be in violation of the law. In some states, both of you could be held liable.You should also bear in mind that illegally acquired evidence is inadmissible in a court of law.

Wiretapping Laws May Apply

State and federal wiretapping laws are generally understood to apply to both telephone and e-mail or computer communications; and include phone calls, text messages, e-mails, instant messages and chat room logs. Breaking these laws could result in stiff fines, imprisonment or both. So think before you act.

Disclaimers Make You Responsible

Most spy stores or web sites that sell surveillance or spy equipment post disclaimers which say that the products they sell are not to be used in an illegal manner. These disclaimers make it clear that it’s the buyer’s responsibility to determine the legal use of this equipment in the state where he or she resides.

Laws Differ in Each State

Laws vary from state to state. In New York State, for example, hacking or illegally tapping into someone’s computer account without their permission is a class E felony, punishable by up to 3 years in jail. In some states, if you hire, or attempt to hire a private investigator who uses illegal methods to spy on your cheating mate, you could be liable, too.

Other Illegal Ways People Spy on Their Mates

Pretexting is another illegal practice commonly used by infidelity victims to prove infidelity or to catch a cheating mate. Pretexting is pretending to be someone else in order to get personal or private information about another person. This includes calling a phone company under false pretenses to gain access to the cheater’s cell phone or telephone record; or calling hotels, banks, credit card companies or other establishments to obtain information about the cheater or his or her activities.

The Legal Way to Spy on Your Spouse

What, then, can you legally do if you suspect infidelity and want to get the goods on a cheating mate? How can you find out the truth without running afoul of the law? Cheaters ALWAYS leave telltale signs. Knowing what to look for is the key. As long as you know what to look for, it’s not necessary — nor is it advisable — to catch the cheater in the act. There’s no need to risk doing something illegal, when you can find out almost everything you want to know about the affair using your own eyes, your own ears, and your personal knowledge of your mate. But again, knowing what to look for is the key. In addition to knowing the common signs of infidelity, you need to know the subtle signs, as well.

Infidelity Book Helps You Spy Without Breaking the Law

Is He Cheating on You? — 829 Telltale Signs documents practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs people usually overlook. The signs are conveniently grouped into 21 major categories so you can easily find the signs that apply to your marriage or your mate. Despite the title, most of the signs in the book apply to both cheating women and cheating men. However, the e-book version, of Is He Cheating on You? sold through Booklocker.com, contains a special 10-page section for men with cheating wives or girlfriends entitled Is SHE Cheating?

If your spouse or significant other is cheating, once you know what to look for, you can find out almost anything you need to know about his or her affair including:

  • what type of affair it is (workplace, emotional, same-sex, cybersex, online or internet affair)
  • what stage the affair is in
  • how serious the affair is
  • how big a threat the affair poses to your marriage or relationship
  • the identity of the other woman or the other man
  • when, where, or how often they meet — and more.

No cheating spouse will display every single sign of infidelity. And no two cheating mates will display exactly the same signs. So, KNOWING WHAT TO LOOK FOR IS THE KEY. If you know what to look for, you can even find information a private investigator would be hard-pressed to find without your help. And best of all, this method is discreet, inexpensive, accurate and 100% legal. For a FREE tip sheet describing the 21 categories of infidelity signs, e-mail [email protected] with “infidelity categories ” in the subject line. In this day and age, you don’t have to be the last to know. And you can easily find out without breaking the law.

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