I’m going to be completely and totally honest with you. There is a lot of work and preparation in getting your home ready to sell. Professional stagers can do wonders for homes. They not only take a the dirty work out of preparing your home for sale but they help you get it sold faster and for more profits. Well, in this article, I’ll provide you with tips on working with a professional home stager. Let’s begin.

First, understand what a stager does. Home stagers are professionals who are trained in decorating one’s house so that the buyer has an emotional connection to the house and is more likely to see the positive attributes of the house. In essence, a professional stager “creates the right scene” by using clever presentation and marketing strategies.

Second, you must find a professional stager who you can trust and afford. I’m going to be honest with you, some professional home stagers can charge quite a bit. However, you should not let this deter you because by using a professional, you are likely to get more money for your home. If you find that price is an issue, you may be able to negotiate or hire a newbie stager that is trying to build a portfolio of satisfied customers.

Third, prepare your house as requested. Make sure that you follow your professional stager’s advice. For instance, if they recommend getting minor repairs fixed, organizing and de-cluttering, painting the walls, adding certain pictures, flowers, whatever, just make sure that you do those things. After all, they are the experts and using their advice makes sense.

Fourth, be open and receptive to creating the right environment. Professional stagers will work with you to create the right atmosphere. Even if their ideas seem a little “silly or off the wall”, make sure that you follow their advice. After all, they are masters at creating different types of settings and getting homes sold.

In conclusion, if you really want to sell your house, you should hire a professional stager. Not only will they help you get your house ready for showing, they can help you get the most money for the house as well. Good luck!

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