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  • Nothing beats putting your feet up after a long day and cosying down with your loved ones to watch the latest hit on Netflix.

    Especially if you’re snuggling into a gorgeous new sofa from George Clarke’s Brantwood range. It’s the epitome of ultimate comfort with its deep seating, feather-filled back cushions and stylish detailing.

    George Clarke’s Brantwood range at Sofology

    Sofology Brantwood sofa hero shot

    Image credit: Sofology/Dominic Blackmore

    The Brantwood is one of two new incredible ranges designed by George Clarke in collaboration with Sofology; the other is the Midland Hill.

    Art Deco design

    Drawing on his wealth of experience in architecture, both designs form an exclusive collection of chairs and sofas that bring a mix of contemporary and timeless designs that will suit any style of home.

    The Midland Hill reflects the architecture of one of George Clarke’s favourite periods; the art deco era, and in particular the exquisite character and design of Oliver Hill’s Midland Hotel in Morecambe, north Lancashire.

    Capturing the building’s character wonderfully, you will find subtle touches of 1920s design through the stitching, sumptuous fabric colours, legs and overall shapes of the sofa and chairs in the range.

    Sofology Brantwood in pink

    Image credit: Sofology/Dominic Blackmore

    We just love sinking into the Brantwood on an evening; it oozes an understated yet elegant charm that will bring style to any home with comfort and snugness at the top of its game.

    It boasts a bold, square silhouette that sits neatly inside a unique timber frame that flows from the arms to the feet; just like a cocooning hug. ‘I didn’t want it just to look good,’ says George on the Brantwood. ‘It needed to be super comfortable.’

    ‘Cosiness isn’t a thing that architects talk about that much, but for me it’s really important. When you’re in your home, you want it to feel comfortable and cosy, but beautiful as well. And that’s what Brantwood is all about.’

    Incredible depth

    So what makes Brantwood so special? For us, it’s like a giant hug. It has an incredibly deep design, that beckons you to snuggle in and curl up.

    The depth makes it feel really comfortable and grand, giving the sofa presence in a living room.

    Sofology Brantwood pink depth

    Image credit: Sofology/Dominic Blackmore

    If you’re redecorating the lounge from scratch, then take the Brantwood as your starting point and build the room out from there.

    You can choose from several sizes, with the Grande (£1,999) just perfect for the whole family to sit together.

    Striking structure

    We love its timber frame, too, which is unique and unexpected. It elevates the sofa and gives it that special edge against other boxy designs. ‘And the detailing on the side, the little vertical seams that we put in just gives it a little bit of rhythm,’ says George.

    Sofology Brantwood grey with wood frame

    Image credit: Sofology/Dominic Blackmore

    Rather than looking like one big monolithic piece, it’s broken up and softened. ‘The frame, the detailing on the side, and the depth are three quite powerful things.’

    Sustainable style

    The Brantwood and the craftsmanship that has gone into making it deserves to be celebrated; it totally sets it apart from its competition.

    Greater now than ever, we grow more conscious of today’s disposable consumer culture, so we’re delighted that Sofology values this like we do. Its mission is to help you find a sofa that you’ll love for a long time; a piece of furniture that you can cherish and enjoy in your home, and play an integral part in your family’s life, for at least 20 years.

    In fact, each and every sofa from Sofology comes with a two-decade structural guarantee, so you can rest assured that the Brantwood piece you choose will last.

    To see the full Brantwood range and to find your perfect sofa, visit www.sofology.co.uk or visit your nearest Sofology store.


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