Partial list of property transfers from Feb. 21-28 on record in the Minnehaha County Equalization Office and the Lincoln County Equalization Office.

Addresses are in Sioux Falls unless otherwise noted.

Minnehaha County property transfers

Vacant Lot to Craig & Krystal Pederson from Kay L Kassube Trust for $100,000

1714 S Foss Ave to Ann Marie Coulter from Foss LLC for $250,000

1050 N Holbrook Ave to Evan Graves from Signature Companies LLC for $224,000

8403 W 53rd St to Juliette Wasescha from Tribbey LLC for $240,000

9268 W Norma Trl to Prouty Construction Inc from Equity Homes Inc for $155,500

2805 S Willow Ave to Beck Company LLC from Noreen B Johnson Trust for $200,000

4100 S Faith Ave to Thomas A & Margaret A Anderson from Kn Construction Inc for $425,000

5801 W Christopher Pl to Lakeport Operating LLC from Columbia Dam LLC for $3,665,000

223 N Grange Ave to Alexis A Merrill from Russell & Angela Birch for $178,000

2209 S Creekview Ave to Courtney Kurtz from Kn Construction Inc for $318,000

9404 W Colton St to Cory & Kristen Dyer from Kn Construction Inc for $321,000

1508 E 34th St to Platinum Properties LLC from Darcy Dalton for $219,000

2816 S Oriya Pl to Rapid Creek LLC from West River Canyon Ranch LLC for $632,000

1612 E Liberty Cir , Brandon to Deron & Barbara Redinger from Darwin V & Rhonda K Hohn for $602,000

1901 E Sequoia Trl to Timothy Leo & Langenfeld Enmin Chou from Bret Lee & Vandenbosch Paige Lizbeth for $497,000

3516 S Gateway Ln to Kirk & Michelle Lee from Daniel Lee Tr Johnston for $110,000

327 S Blauvelt Ave to Dan Lyso from Allan G Flanigan for $142,000

113 E Dogwood St , Brandon to Timothy M & Alexandra M Nestor from , Brandon L & Katelyn M Masyga for $220,000

610 E 9th St , Dell Rapids to Peter & Stacey Yarington from Debbie S & Daniel R Deboer for $241,000

5612 E Canter Ridge Cir to Kylin H Nelson from Harr-lemme Development Inc for $110,000

409 N Highland Ave to Michael J Muller from Maria Julia Molina Deaguilar for $180,000

Vacant Lot to Eric & Brittany Fiegen from John R & Betty K Fiegen Trust for $412,000

Vacant Lot to Minnkota Hospitality LLC from Sanford Health for $644,000

1101 S 3rd Ave to Christopher & Mason Ruth Miller from Arnold S & Rory N Cowger for $255,000

26684 487th Ave to Keith & Bonnie Myrlie Trust from Douglas H Myrlie for $600,000

Vacant Lot to Keith & Bonnie Myrlie Trust from Douglas H Myrlie for $600,000

1900 E 31st St N to Oha Companies LLC from Myla B Nykrin for $170,500

2505 S Western Ave to Jose Misael Nieto Santos from Karen Prather Johnson for $180,500

3414 S Harmony Dr to Lakeside Management LLC from James V & Ann C Carroll for $320,000

1601 W 37th St to Kristina Mae & Boheman Lee Patrick Boedeker from Dougherty Homes LLC for $240,000

2201 S Creekview Ave to Trenton R & Selting Beth E Simpson from Kn Construction Inc for $350,000

717 S Grange Ave to Brandon & Abbey Campea from Marybeth A Hanson for $225,000

4924 E Brennan Dr to Sam S & Terija Lepcha from Aita S & Hema D Gurung for $300,000

401 S 5th Ave , Brandon to Kevin & Stephanie Bogue from Typhinie & Justin Thompson for $273,000

420 Johnson Ave , Baltic to Pamela J & Wilde Christopher A Wilde from Melva Lee Hilmoe for $262,500

316 N French Ave to Jeffery Mcguire from Christopher L Boyd for $230,000

5404 W Deer Creek Dr to Solid Rock Properties Holdings Inc from Cathy Moe Trust for $185,000

1215 S Summit Ave to Sanford Medical Center from Chris’ Dental Studio Inc for $200,000

Vacant Lot to Inc Schroeder from James O Engelien for $57,000

2609 N Vincent Ave to Amanda Carol Rolstad from Moses Properties Inc for $355,000

5712 W 15th St to Andrew M & Johnson Jenny L Vitzthum from Trenton R Selting for $240,000

1012 W 14th St to Kelsey Marie Boese from Stephanie & Kevin J Bogue for $165,000

3817 S Home Plate Ave to Lee A & Silverstein Jenna A Miller from Red Rock Builders LLC for $361,500

9026 W Ark Pl to Chandra Patil from Empire Homes LLC for $268,500

7419 E 45th St to Blair Andrea Svennes from Paul Homes Inc Fick for $305,000

2909 W Spruceleigh Ct to Michael R & Cuperus Anna C Simonson from Jon N & Jeslyn M Schmidt for $705,000

4613 S Tribbey Trl to Bryce & Emily Attema from Tribbey LLC for $257,500

5101 E 15th St to Lornell E & Gloria M Hansen from Denise Roemen-kramer for $105,000

26518 Lakeview Pl to Daryl & Heidi Merkel Weaver from Golden Shore Development Ltd for $80,000

3213 S 5th Ave to Shaun Ranae Christensen from Paul A Miller for $242,500

2306 S Mary Beth Ave to Joann M Poppens from Vicki Kay England for $215,000

1716 N Marlowe Ave to Xua & Minh Thuan Vu Lu from Stonearch Partners LLC for $360,000

2709 S Maywood Dr to Jordan Muser from Paula K Mesman for $269,000

1809 E 71st St N to Roberto Martinez from Keba Development LLC for $90,000

1912 E 71st St N to Roberto Martinez from Keba Development LLC for $90,000

7432 E Twin Pines Ct to Bailey & Austin Sumner from Axford Construction Inc for $670,000

4810 S Lewis Ave to Matthew Lagerlof from Dennis E & Roxanne Lagerlof for $310,000

1509 S Wheatland Ave to Tami A Haberer from Ronning Enterprises Inc for $305,500

631 N Solar Dr to Som R Rai from Tami A Haberer for $298,000

3168 S Tyler Ct to Ezra Thomas Voigt from Anna & Simonson Michael Cuperus for $361,000

7412 E Twin Pines Ct to Jace & Christina Krumwiede from Mystic Creek LLC for $169,000

5308 W 39th St to Btjw Properties LLC from Tara L Padilla for $170,000

3545 S Spencer Blvd to Michael Pudenz from Sarah & Biggs-wudel James Wudel for $1,100,000

Vacant Lot to Danny & Kristin Radisewitz from Cornerpost Properties LLC for $239,000

216 W Hackberry St , Brandon to Cody & Kylee Cranor from Jim D & Diane L Johnson Trust for $329,500

4200 N Interlachen Trl to Rebecca C & Jongeling Nathan S Jongeling from Mux Construction Inc for $596,500

4612 E Tiger Lilly St to Fids Properties LLC from G & D Harr Construction LLC for $199,500

1105 W 10th St to Sven E Thompson from Gail Grace for $225,000

1220 S Jefferson Ave to Martin & Michelle Tozer from Whoa LLC for $435,000

3924 S Villanova Ave to Msonga & Shabani Amisa Pendeza from Kyle J & Kelsey M Schnepf for $310,000

Vacant Lot to Mux Construction Inc from Jefferson Heights LLC for $188,000

309 N Wildcat Dr to Jeff L & Lisa D Smith from Dakota Territory Development LLC for $442,000

3812 S Pisidian Ave to Andrew James & Olanda Dessiera Ritze from Signature Companies LLC for $339,500

Vacant Lot to Raven Engineered Films Inc from Bnsf Railway Company Fka Burlington Northern Santa Fe for $5,500

1925 S Menlo Ave to Ryan J & Rick J & Noonan Douglas Hennies from Susan M Dooley Fka Susan M Carley for $180,000

1605 E Keystone Dr , Brandon to Jimmy L Spahr Trust from Luke D & Tiffany F Hartman for $250,000

4608 W 37th St to Jacob Boomsma from Jessica & Jorge Carmona for $247,500

47620 Slip Up Creek Rd to Ryan & Emily Rakstad from Monbeck Holdings LLC for $400,000

1517 S Monticello Ave to Kelsey & Kyle Schnepf from Marcia Hyronimus for $429,000

5101 W Thurman Dr to Prostrollo Properties LLC from Stanley & Shirley Burgers Trust for $212,500

3104 S Holly Ave to Tim & Cathy Maes from Reynolds Family Trust for $270,000

215 W Mcclellan St to Luke Properties Investments 1 LLC from Carl W Schumm for $38,500

4104 S Home Plate Ave to Thomas E & Lacey M Albright from Paul Homes Inc Fic
k for $386,000

3004 E 12th St to Tammie White from Lacey M & Thomas Albright for $235,500

47563 255th St Renner to Paul K Ii & Robbie D Wood from Anthony J & Angela M Lee for $425,000

Lincoln County property transfers

6508 S Tomar Rd Unit 2 from Corica Olfert to Richard C Munson for $234,900

29440 470th, Beresford from Brenda J & Randy D Hansen to Brenda L & Daniel M Hansen for $70,000

Address Unknown, Cedar Ridge, Harrisburg from Lake Alvin Llc to Lawrence Henjum for $169,000

Address Unknown, Cedar Ridge, Harrisburg from Lake Alvin Llc to Debra A & James L Hanson for $169,000

Address Unknown, Tea from Llc Sundowner Investments to Benson Holdings Llc for $222,000

340 N Alberta Trl, Tea from Bh Construction & Homes Llc to Angelina Espino Decadena for $754,433

Address Unknown E Antioch St, Tea from Hahn Custom Homes Llc to Steven D & Debra S Jones for $294,000

3621 E Chatham St from Chatham Llc to Scott & Sarah Nichols for $257,000

28550 478th, Canton from Jeremy R. Benson to Matthew Reinhart Albers for $185,000

Address Unknown Cedar Ridge, Harrisburg from Lake Alvin Llc to James & Maureen Robl for $169,000

512 N Cedar St, Canton from Sarah Moriarty to Dylan J Hyronimus for $200,000

104 Poplar Ave, Worthing from Barbara L. Perrion to Sarah A. Moriarty for $285,000

2415 N Alberta Trl, Tea from Northstar Homes Llc to Blake R & Amy T Sandnes for $480,000

605 N Summit Ave, Tea from Kn Construction Inc to Ryan & Chelsea Leslie for $282,406

112 Ivy Ln, Harrisburg from Allan & Mallory Williamson to Allan & Mallory Williamson for $225,000

401 Augustana Ave, Harrisburg from Jessica Fka Jessica Bro Slate to Todd Duncan for $270,000

451 Bunyan Dr, Harrisburg from Hld Llc to Ethan Timothy & Emily M Thein for $66,000

527 Ross St, Harrisburg from Signature Companies Llc to Susan Massie for $251,250

Address Unknown, Harrisburg from Daniel Hensch to Northwoods Realty Group Llc for $600,000

6320 S Wicklow Ave from Lawrence E Fosdick Trust to Tyler Dale & Leslie Mar Prins for $460,000

2805 W 90th St from James & Debra Hanson Trust to Shanna O’Connor for $535,000

3508 E High Plains Cir from Allen Homes Inc to Julie A & Norman M Meyer for $470,900

505 N Summit Ave, Tea from Kn Construction Inc to Thomas Jerke for $279,800

27106 Albers Ave from Swift Contractors Inc to Ann C & Robert M Anderson for $540,000

212 E 1st Ave, Canton from Dilan L Aka Dilan Mckenney to Ron & Tiffany Vanderwal for $169,900

2303 N Main Ave, Tea from Casey J & Emily Ma Wallum to Christopher Lane for $290,000

330 Beech Ave, Tea from Nielson Development Llc to Rcm Properties Llc for $620,000

600 N Juniper St Lennox from Kn Construction Inc to Jacob C & Angela R Sees for $297,920

4303 W Shipton St from Camille M Christian to Tara Carruthers for $261,000

2554 E Meadowside Pl from Signature Companies Llc to Altayyan for $215,900

This article originally appeared on Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Home sales, property transfers for Minnehaha & Lincoln counties]