There will always be certain risks when working with any large farming equipment. Aside from considerations regarding cultivation and production, ensuring employee safety is a high priority. Whether ranchers are working with year-round or temporary agricultural workers, it is important that regular safety training is required to operate machinery. Most farm equipment accidents can be avoided with simple training and daily awareness. 

Stay Informed on State and Federal Laws 

The legal requirements for safe farming practices can be frustrating to keep up with. They are necessary, however, and will allow employers to avoid legal complications. Being involved with current safety standards can keep both operators and others safe.  

Don’t Forget to Read the Manual 

Knowing the proper way to operate and service tractors and other machinery is imperative to use them safely. Requiring all drivers to understand the operations before using the machine can help ensure they are used safely. Even experienced drivers need to be aware of the differences between old and new equipment to operate it safely. 

Encourage Operators to Exercise Daily Awareness 

Aside from the obvious requirements, such as not being under the influence of alcohol, it is vital to teach employees to be aware of themselves and their safety each day. Many accidents happen because workers are tired or unprepared. Being cautious about clothing that can be caught in a machine or the risks of certain medication’s effect on awareness can lead to terrible but avoidable accidents. 

Don’t Cut Corners on Equipment Safety 

If it has a safety guard, it probably needs one. This may mean an alteration in how quickly some equipment is used or what preparations an operator needs to take in order to use it effectively. Keeping shields, guards, and access panels properly in place will keep the machine functioning properly and workers safe. 

Farming accidents happen, but there are ways the risks can be reduced and many accidents avoided altogether. It is vital that equipment safety procedures be taken seriously by both employers and operators.