If you’ve spent years dreaming of your perfect home and have many Pinterest albums dedicated to this very subject, then it’s time to start turning those dreams into reality. Take the time and money and turn your house into a place that brings you comfort, relaxation and pride so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Here are three things to focus on if you want to make your home stand out.

Wood Furniture

Trends come and go, but a few good pieces of wood furniture will never go out of style. Consider investing in a gorgeous dining room table or a bedroom set for a warm, classic look. Searching for solid wood furniture San Francisco or wherever you reside will lead you to several locations to explore.

Fresh Paint

If your walls are looking dingy or are still covered in old wallpaper, it’s time to make them pop. Take the time to plan out your ideal color scheme for each room and grab some paint samples. You can either tackle the job yourself or bring in professional painters to do the work. Fresh paint will make the rooms seem clean and brand new.

Artwork and Photos

Decorate your walls with art and photographs that you’ve collected over the years to give your home a personalized touch. Pick a few of your favorite photos and have them professionally framed or printed on canvas. If you don’t have any artwork, don’t just grab a stock piece from the craft store. Consider going to an art gallery or festival to pick up some unique, local pieces that speak to you.

The above tips are an easy way to get started without major renovations. What are you waiting for? Pull up those Pinterest albums and start creating your dream home.