WITH hard-to-resist deals and a myriad offerings, the recently concluded HomeDec exhibition in Penang was a runaway success.

Whether it was fittings and fixtures for an energy-efficient home, a lift to eliminate the hassle of climbing the stairs or essentials like good mattresses, kitchenware, lighting and air purifiers, visitors to this year’s home improvement fair were spoilt for choice.

Besides home appliances and furnishings, air purifiers and solar panels, there were also feng shui talks, making HomeDec a one-stop location for homeowners to fulfil their needs.

The three-day exhibition hosted more than 300 booths with over 120 exhibitors at Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Bayan Baru.

Low Ban Heng, 44, who was seen enquiring about lifts for homes, said although he did not need one now, it was a great idea to consider.

“It is really good for people who are wheelchair-bound and those with elderly parents.

“Elderly parents are usually bound to the ground floor of a house as they age.

“They tend to feel isolated when everyone goes upstairs for the night.

“With technology like this, you do not have to feel limited to a particular floor in a multi-level home,” said Low, who is a team manager.

Justine Lee, who is business development manager for Western Elevators, said installing a lift in one’s home was easier these as the machines were custom-made and could be fitted without much fuss.

“You can have it installed indoors or as an extension outside, as an added feature to your home.

“The elevators are pitless, shaftless (so there’s no need to dig the ground) and can be made to fit the required size.

“More people consider installing lifts at home these days either for their elderly parents or to plan ahead for their old age,” she said.

C.I.S Network business development senior manager Nica Leong said this year’s HomeDec focused on healthy living while offering new ideas on how to make homes comfortable while looking ahead to a post-pandemic era.

C.I.S Network is the organiser of HomeDec.

“The exhibition offered customisable options such as wardrobes, dining table sets, sofas, kitchenettes and tech, lighting and other special features like solar panels and lifts for the home.

“People usually think that you need a big space to have such features and furnishings. But things are customisable so regardless of the size of your home, you can design them to suit your taste.

“We offer interior design consultations for those seeking professional advice to build or furnish their dream home,” she said.

Leong added that with the Covid-19 pandemic having changed the way people live as they spend more time at home, it was crucial that the necessary steps be taken to improve basic needs, especially for families.

“As the situation improves, we must still continue to keep our living environment safe. Therefore, we now offer a host of options for air purifiers and ventilation systems.

Leong said the most popular category at the exhibition was kitchen and electrical appliances.

“There is a demand for home hygiene products as more people now realise the importance of having a safe home, especially since many work from home and have been spending more time indoors.”

She said the Penang leg of the exhibition also saw a booth selling solar panels for those seeking energy-saving options.

There were also options for audio systems and lighting to cater to those working from home.

“The turnout this time around has been great.

“There was good response and we could see that people were prepared to shop.

“We saw families with children and young couples who probably just bought new homes.

“Our contest counter was crowded, which means that people have been spending,” she added.

The HomeDec exhibition will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from May 13 to 16.