You don’t have to feel cramped and limited just because you have a small bathroom. With some simple bathroom remodeling in Brookline, you can maximize your space and create more openness, so you can relax and make better use of your bathroom. The following ideas will make your small bathroom renovation in Brookline, MA, a success.

Keep Everything Light


Dark colors can make an already small space seem even smaller. As you choose the features for your new bathroom, including flooring, walls, fixtures, and cabinetry, consider lighter colors. While you don’t have to limit yourself to white, choosing softer colors like light gray, yellow, or even light shades of blue or green can be excellent options. When choosing wall and floor tile, it can work well to choose the same color for both to create a more seamless look throughout the bathroom, creating a feeling of openness.


Reflectivity Is Key


Many bathrooms have at least one mirror above the vanity for routine care, such as shaving, applying makeup, and more. However, you can further give your small bathroom the illusion of more space by adding more mirrors around the room. Some common locations we suggest based on our Brookline bathroom remodeling projects include on the back of the door, near lighting fixtures, or even a closet door if your bathroom has one. The mirrors will reflect light around the room and make your bathroom feel larger than it is.


Get Rid of the Bathtub


Create openness with your bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling can open up a small bathroom.

A bathtub can be an excellent place to relax after a long day at work or working hard in your yard. It can also be useful if you have young children who can’t shower yet. However, not everyone needs to keep a tub in their bathroom, especially if you already have another larger bathroom with a tub. As part of your small bathroom remodeling in Brookline, you can save space by choosing a walk-in shower instead. These showers are perfect for maintaining your cleanliness without taking up a lot of extra space in a small bathroom.


Rethink Your Storage


Storage is critical in the bathroom. However, a small bathroom may not seem to lend itself to adding more cabinets or other common storage features found in larger bathrooms. Instead, your Brookline bathroom remodeling can find more innovative ways to create more storage. Custom countertops can give you more space than stock models. You may also be able to install cabinets over the toilet or in other smaller spaces that can’t be used for much else.


Consider Pocket or Folding Doors


One of the biggest space-wasters in your bathroom is traditional swinging doors. These doors require clearance to open them, taking up valuable space in a small bathroom. As you consider options for your bathroom renovation in Brookline, MA, talk to your contractor about installing pocket or accordion doors. These doors don’t require additional clearance while still giving you the privacy you want in your bathroom.


If you need to complete small bathroom remodeling in Brookline, contact us. Our team is ready to help you make the best use of your space.


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