August 16, 2022


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I’m an interior designer, you should NEVER paint your bedroom a dark colour

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INTERIOR designer Kelly Hoppen has shared her strict rules on colour within the home – revealing she thinks dark bedrooms are an absolute no-go. 

Instead, she swears by using white or nude tones around the house, as she says they instantly lift your mood and help you start the day right. 


Kelly Hoppen has revealed why she would never paint her bedroom in a dark shadeCredit: TikTok/@kellyhoppen

Taking to TikTok, Kelly, who goes by @kellyhoppen, posted a video under the title: “How colours in interior design affect your mood. 

The 62-year-old went on to tell her 22,200 followers her dos and don’ts when it comes to colour – starting off with which you should splash on the walls of your bedroom. 

Kelly explained: “Well, the colour of your home really does affect your mood.

“One hundred percent, in bedrooms and places you sleep, dark colours, I am convinced, are not good for your mental health.”

Instead Kelly – who has many celebrity fans and has worked with VIP names – says she would always opt for lighter tones to brighten and lift. 

She continued: “I really think that pale and light – and I’m not saying you should live in a white room.

“You can use all of the lovely neutrals, whether they’re beige, or taupes. There’s also 500 different whites, so you could have a more blue-white.”

Kelly added: “Those kinds of neutral colours are much better for your mood.” 

Continuing with her advice, Kelly said that although she would go for a lighter, neutral tone, colour is not banned altogether.

She added: “We’re very habit forming. We tend to have something and not want it to change, plus the fact that it’s very expensive.

“The other pops of colour can be things around you, which should be movable in your home as well.” 

Kelly often shares helpful home hacks and interior advice on her social media account, ranging from how to style your entrance hall to her thoughts on decluttering. 

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