A unique and adventurous home has slid onto the real estate market in Leavenworth, Washington, for $729,000. While it looks perfectly average on the outside, inside is a different ballgame altogether.

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While the 4,018-square-foot lodge has three separate living quarters — each with two bedrooms and one bathroom — the main draw of the property is the “pro-style indoor skate bowl” that separates the living areas.

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It’s as cool-looking as you would think it is.

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The surrounding outdoor attractions are just as eventful as what’s going on inside the residence: There’s a private ski hill, mountain bike run and pump track around the property, the listing on Zillow.com says.

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The home caught the attention of the popular social media real estate page, Zillow Gone Wild, and fans were in love with it. The caption of the post even said that this place would probably be famous skateboarder Tony Hawk’s dream home.

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“Are you kidding me? I’d totally convert this into an Air B-n-B! Leavenworth is a tourist town and this would attract customers year round,” one person commented.

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“Real Estate Agent to Tony Hawk: Hey, you look like that skater, Tony Hawk,” another person joked.

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“I skate quad roller skates and wouldn’t mind having my own bowl to skate,” someone said.

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“I might change that into a huge indoor pool…” one person commented.

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“As a non-skateboarder, but a mother of six, I see a large built in playpen,” another observed.

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“I laugh at the caption but, I like this property,” someone said. “It would be perfect for our family to gather at now that our 3 sons are all mostly grown up.”

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“Giant ball pit, indoor pool, shark tank, queso dipping bowl, family burial plot, so many possibilities,” one person joked.

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Leavenworth is about 134 miles east of Seattle.

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This story was originally published May 19, 2022 6:33 PM.

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