If you’re in the market for a new roof, you may wonder, “How much does a standing seam metal roofing system cost?” We’ll discuss installation costs, material types, and the lifespan of this type of roofing. Choosing a roof made of metal is a smart investment that will protect your property for many years to come.

Cost of a standing seam metal roof

Installing a standing seam metal roof New Hampshire is a labor-intensive process. The best material is galvalume steel, which is highly durable and costlier than other materials. Higher-end standing seam roofs can be made of aluminum, zinc, copper, or steel. It would be best if you considered this roofing type’s labor and maintenance cost before choosing it for your home. It is also not a do-it-yourself project, so you should seek professional help.

The cost of installing a standing seam metal roof depends on the size of your roof. A typical installation can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $41,000. The total cost depends on several factors, including the size of the roof and the amount of labor required. For smaller homes with 1,000 square feet or less, you can install a standing seam metal roof for around $8,500. However, depending on the type of metal panels and the labor required, you may pay much less.

Material options

Among the many benefits of a standing seam metal roof are its raised seams and its longevity. The overlapping sheet metal panels of a standing seam metal roof create a locking mechanism that minimizes the chances of leaks in the future. While all roofs eventually need to be replaced due to fading colors or aging, the raised seams are often the first part to fail. Depending on the materials used, metal shingles are not always the most expensive type of metal roofing.

Steel and aluminum are the main metals used in residential standing seam roof construction. While steel and aluminum are durable and highly resistant to rust, both metals will naturally corrode. To prevent this, they come with protective coatings. Tin, for example, was used in the past as a primary metallic finish. These days, though, tin roofs are a thing of the past. Instead, modern metal roofing is made of zinc-coated steel, or G-90 galvanized steel. Zinc is a non-corrosive and self-healing metal.

Installation cost

The cost of installing a standing seam metal roof depends on several factors, including the size of the roofing panel and the type of material used. Several factors determine the cost of the project, including the type of metal, the locking mechanism, and the color of the panels. Most people think all standing seam metal roofing panels are steel. It is not always the case; some panels are made from a type of steel known as Galvalume, made with a zinc-aluminum alloy coating.

The cost of installing a standing seam metal roof will vary depending on the area in which you live. Roofing suppliers often offer mechanical seamers for rent for a day’s fee, which can save money if the job requires extensive seam locking. Hiring a mechanical seamer may run from $100 to $150 daily. You should ask your local roofing company for a quote to understand the cost.


Depending on the type and installation of the metal roof, standing seams can last from 30 to 50 years. However, if the roof is installed in the right way, this material can last up to 75 years. Its mechanical properties help it last longer than other types of roofs. If you have any doubts regarding the lifespan of metal roofing, get a professional inspection done. 

The cost of standing seam metal roofs is generally low once they are installed. The price depends on the number of external features and the type of metal used. In general, though, the longer the roof has been installed, the higher the cost. The price will also be higher if you opt for a mechanically-seamed metal roof. However, this type of roofing requires less maintenance. A screw-down roof will require more maintenance because screws will wallow out of the washer holes.

Color options

When choosing the right color for your metal roof, there are a few factors to consider. First, you should ensure that the color of the metal roof complements the other exterior features of your house. It will ensure that your roof blends in with the rest of your property and will match your home’s aesthetic and theme. In addition to that, the color of your metal roof should look good in both bright and low-light hours.

There are a variety of colors available for standing seam metal roofing. You can get it in either white or a variety of different colors. The colors you choose will depend on the appearance of your home, as the standing seam metal roof will weather with time and may not look its best if it is shiny and clean. You can even get custom color options if you want. A standing seam metal roof has virtually limitless color and profile options.

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