Baltimore is one of the most formidable cities within the East Coast of the United States, being a business, shipping and cultural center. Being the largest city in the state of Maryland, the city continues to attract thousands who come in search of work, school or merely to settle. There are many different apartments in the city which cater to people of different income and credit levels. But even with this diversity of apartments, the apartments do follow more or less the same guidelines when leasing to people. One of these is to conduct routine credit and rental history checks. They also peruse criminal databases and even court records at times. If you have a broken lease, bad credit or a bankruptcy in Baltimore, you may be denied an apartment. But are there places where one can rent even with problematic credit or leasing history? The answer is yes. Let us examine a few locales

  • Downtown
  • Druid Hill Park
  • Inner Habrbor
  • Federal Hill
  • Mount Vernon
  • Stonewood
  • Belair-Edison
  • Charles Village
  • Station North

While these apartments (usually called “second chance Baltimore apartments”) do exist, these are not easy to locate at times. The reason is because many of these do not readily advertise either in the yellow pages, apartment rental directories or other classifieds. In many cases, one has to extensively use either the Internet or a competent apartment locator. People looking for these types of apartments usually report frustration at almost every turn.

Finding second chance apartments in Baltimore city

We mentioned that one of the ways to locate these apartments is through the Internet. This affords the convenience of having to search from home and not drive around all day. While this may also yield disappointing results at times, this can help narrow down your search.

Apartment locators are also another useful source of looking for apartments which are willing to work with people whose credit and rental past is less than perfect. These have databases which usually contain such apartments and it would be helpful to let a locator know your credit is not good.

What to keep in mind

It is essential that you understand that even if the apartments are willing to work with impaired credit and/or an imperfect record as far as renting, they will still request that you fulfill a few requirements:

Be working for at least the last six months
Earn 3 times amount of rent
Have no violent criminal convictions especially against minors
Felonies must be older than 7 years

It is also good to note that even if the apartment chooses to approve, they may require a hefty deposit. They may also increase their monthly rent although these requirements may vary.

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