I. Introduction

In June 2009 Madonna Lou Ciccone –the world’s most thriving singer — place Malawi — which had never ever received mention in the planet press in recent yrs — on the environment map when she traveled to the African Republic , which is slightly larger sized than the point out of Ohio, and adopted a female. And what do you know about this African country?

II. Welcome to the Land of Hippopotamuses

Malawi is a magical heavenly state, great for these who value a organic life style. This African region, with above 36% of its land continue to included by tropical forests, has a number of nationwide parks. Malawi’s wildlife refuges are dwelling to antelopes, hyrax, elephants, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, rhinoceros, lions, cheetahs, hippotamuses, and other animals.

The Lake Malawi Countrywide Park has one particular of Africa’s most impressive landscapes. This lake has an area of 11,150km2 — it is just about 9 occasions larger sized than Rhode Island — with in depth native vegetation and wild animals these kinds of as hippos. Considering the fact that 1970s this place has been a concentrate for an vital tourism sector. Quite a few foreign vacationers traveled to the lake Nyasa — also recognised as Malawi — and other all-natural sanctuaries each 12 months to see and photograph the hippopotamuses that reside there. This lake , a person of the world’s 10 major lakes, has been in comparison to the Galapagos islands (Ecuador, South America) for its wildlife. It has far more wildlife than any other lake in the earth. The Malawi Lake, for case in point, has one particular of the world’s greatest densities of fishes ( 500 distinct styles of fishes, almost all endemic ). This spot is also a refuge for these birds as kingfishers, cormorants, and fish eagles. The Lake Malawi Nationwide Park was declared Pure Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in the 12 months 1984.

The Chongoni Rock-Artwork Space is yet another well known vacationer attraction.

III. A Brief Historical past of Malawi

Landlocked Malawi, previous Nyasaland, has been an independent state considering the fact that the latter fifty percent of the 20th century. In the previous century, it experienced been controlled by the United Kingdom. In this period of time, the British tremendously motivated each the affordable and existence of the nation. Like many former British colonies, it is a member of the Commonwealth. Malawi has spent lots of of its article-independence a long time underneath dictatorial rule.

From 1964 to 1994, Malawi was dominated by dictator Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who set up 1 of Africa’s worst kleptocracies. At the domestic level he also had pursued a scorched-earth plan versus Asians and other minorities. In the course of his iron-fisted rule of Malawi, he experienced close ties with the white-ruled South Africa, a pariah point out in the international neighborhood. SA was criticized since of its government’s racist policies. In this time period, Malawi’s dictator Kamuzu Banda created the entire world headlines when he arrived in Pretoria to confer with South African leaders. Kamuzu Banda became the first and only African head of condition to traveled to the nation of apartheid. This pay a visit to did not have parallel in the diplomatic earth.

Soon thereafter, the South African governing administration despatched inexpensive help to Malawi, 1 of the least-created countries on the African continent. Surely Pretoria had played a major job in the country’s financial state.

With no a Question, Kamuzu Banda was 1 of the world’s most hated leaders. But to deflect intercontinental belief, which had condemned his coverage toward South Africa, the national governing administration boycotted the 1976 Olympic Video games in Montreal, Canada.

At the identical time, Kamuzu Banda aligned his region with the anti-Communist motion in Africa, along with Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya and Zaire ( existing-working day the Democratic Republic of the Congo ). In this context, he established total diplomatic relations with Taiwan, a region which is not recognized by the United Nations. On August 4, 1967 President Kamuzu Banda went to Taipei for an formal visit. During the Cold War, Malawi was an ally of Taiwan. On the other hand, the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II went to Lilongwe , Malawi’s cash, for an formal go to in 1989.

The dictatorship arrived to an close right after 30 decades and Malawi became a new democratic country. On May well 17, 1994 Malawi held its to start with multiparty presidential election and Bakili Muluzu grew to become head of point out. This landlocked region is one particular of the few democracies in the African area. In 2004 Bingu wa Mutharika received the next free of charge elections. In 2008 he — country’s 2nd article-Cold War president — granted diplomatic recognition to the People’s Republic of China against the opposition of Taipei.

This landlocked region is 1 of Africa’s most peaceful nations. Compared with most of its neighbors, Malawi has by no means had civil wars or coup d’etats. Malawi is haven for refugees from Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

IV. Human Enhancement

With a populace of more than 9,000,000 and an location of 45,700 square miles — it is virtually 3 situations greater than Switzerland — Malawi is situated in southeast Africa. It is just one of the most densely populated sections on the African continent. Lilongwe is the cash metropolis.

The Chewa make up Malawi’s biggest ethnic group. They dominance above Nyanja, Lomwe, Bantu and other minorities.

In contrast to much of Africa the nation is not blessed with mineral sources. But this region is endowed with incredibly fertile soil. Malawi’s economy is primarily based chiefly on agriculture.

The previous dictatorship has devastated the overall economy and turned Malawi into an impoverished place. This nation is a single of the world’s eighteen poorest nations. Because turning out to be an unbiased country in 1964, it has experienced problem in solving its human progress ( education, work, community health, nourishment ). In 2008 Malawi rated 162 of 179 countries on the United Nations Human Improvement Index, in advance of Ethiopia, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Environment Health Group ( OMS ) suggests everyday living expectancy is 35 for women of all ages and 36 for men — one particular of the least expensive in the 3rd Planet. According to UN and other global corporations, far more than 10% of the adult population has HIV/AIDS. It had 1 of Africa’s highest level of infection in the earlier 10 years.

V. Athletics

Soccer is the nationwide sport in the state, but Malawi has under no circumstances competent for the FIFA Planet Cup. Having said that, the national crew won a bronze medal at the African Game titles in Nairobi, Kenya — the very best final result that Malawi has ever had. Regrettably, it still has not created world-class athletes or African title-holders. In Beijing 2008, Malawi experienced been inadequately represented by 4 athletes ( Chauncy Master, Lucia Chandamale, Charlton Nyirenda, Zahra Pinto ). It was Malawi’s 8 participation in the Summer time Olympics — Munich 1972, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996, Australia 2000, Greece 2004, China 2008.

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