Unfortunately, many men are embarrassed about buying snug fit or small condoms.  Sometimes, they even buy larger condoms than they need just to avoid the humiliation of having the checkout clerk at the store laugh at them.  The danger of doing this is condoms that are too large tend to slide off during sex, exposing you to the risks of pregnancy and disease. 

Equally as bad is the fact that if you are using a condom that is too big, the material has a tendency to bunch up, creating a bigger barrier between you and your woman.  Both you and your partner get less pleasure.  The material will feel thicker, putting her further away from you and she will feel the bunched up latex instead of your shape and curves.

The Truth About Penis Size

Despite what popular culture might have you believe, there is a huge percentage of men that should be buying and wearing small condoms.  In fact, Lifestyles Condoms did a study of penis size in 2001 of 300 college men on spring break in Mexico.  That study found that about 40% of men should use small sized condoms.  As a result of the study, Lifestyles Condoms developed and released the Lifestyles Snug Fit condom, which has become one of the best selling condoms in the world.

The Solution

The reason more men feel comfortable buying these smaller sizes is the privacy of buying online.  Condom websites will ship you your order in an unmarked package so that no one knows what you ordered.  No more do you have to deal with the stress and anxiety of going to the store to make your purchase.  Even better is the fact that when buying online, you have access to the best condoms in the world and you get better pricing. 

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