8 Scary Halloween Decorations for Your Windows & Doors 

If Halloween has sprung up on you like a spooky monster and you are yet to get your window and door decorations in check, do not worry – we have you covered. At Windows on Washington, we of course love all things about windows and doors (and home improvement in general), so it is safe to say Halloween is also one of our favorites.  Decking windows and doors with fear and terror is one of the things we do best, so we wanted to offer you some tips and tricks to give your neighbors and trick-or-treaters a real fright this Halloween. 

It is important to remember the first thing people notice about a home is often its front door and windows, so that is why we always start our Halloween decorating there. Here are eight scary Halloween decorations for your windows and doors, you may have some of the materials required to make them at home or at the local party store.

1. Run-Down Haunted House Windows

A simple way to give your windows a spooky Halloween feel is by boarding up your windows with painted foam boards. With some brown paint and a little bit of detailing, you can turn some basic foam boards into wooden-looking boards to evoke an abandoned and creepy haunted house look. 

2. Bat Cave Windows

For a spooky bat cave feel, grab some purple paper and cut out bat silhouettes and stick them to the inside of your windows. You can then shine lights from the outside to illuminate your windows, or for an extra spooky effect, turn on the lights inside to create silhouettes for trick-or-treaters to see from the street. 

3. Spooky Draperies

For your spooky draperies, what you’ll want to do is lay some sheer drapes with black cheesecloth and pair it with a menacing floating skull to give your home the appearance something evil is residing within. 

4. Casper the Not-So-Friendly Ghost Windows

An easy one for the children to get involved with – stencil various ghost shapes onto pieces of paper, cut them and tape them to behind your curtain to give the effect of ghosts peeping out and watching trick-or-treaters on the street. 

5. Fake Broken Glass Windows

For another unique abandoned house look, use frosted glass window film and cut it into jagged shapes. Stick it to your windows – but be sure to give your windows a good clean beforehand to really make it look authentic! 

6. Balloon Spider Attack

If you do not want to make your Halloween decorations too creepy, how about some friendly balloon spiders attached to your door? All you need is to blow up one large black balloon for the body, and one smaller black balloon for the head. Wrap some unfurled wire hanger or craft wire around the tied-together balloons to create the legs and bring it all together with some black pipe cleaner. Spooky – but not too spooky!

7. Dripping Moss Wreath

For an elegantly creepy yet understated front door decoration, cover a wreath with some dripping moss and hang it from the door. You can even hang it with a creepy skeleton hand for a bigger scare factor. 

8. Go Crazy with Googly Eyes

A simple yet effective Halloween front door decoration is to buy a selection of googly eyes and stick them all over your front door. You can even DIY your own googly eyes by cutting pupils out of adhesive-backed felt and place them on different sized styrofoam balls. 

Happy Halloween from the WoW Team!

From our team to your family, we hope you have a safe, fun and Happy Halloween! If you need help not just with your Halloween decorations but your next home improvement project, get in touch with the WoW team today for an obligation-free quote. 

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