Day: October 10, 2018

Use Bump N’ Drive To Protect Your Property

Having a gate at your property is a great way to keep trespassers away. Aside from this, you will also be protecting your property. However, one downside about having a gate is having to leave your vehicle in order to open the gate. Bump N’ Drive is a new design that has the ability to open and close gates automatically.

History of Bump N’ Drive

Bump N’ Drive was designed and engineered in the United States. It was invented by a man named Michael Merget. Bump N’ Drive is a unique mechanism because it holds the gate open for you while you drive through it. Michael Merget lived on a very large ranch that didn’t have a lot of fences. However, once he came to a fence, he would push the gate open with the bumper of his vehicle. This is where the idea of Bump N’ Drive came from.

Kit To Open Gate

The functionality of your gate can be improved with Bump N’ Drive’s gate opener kit. The kit includes hinges, locks, and adjustable gate latches. The gate latch can be programmed to stay open for increments of 45 seconds.

How To Use Bump N’ Drive

This is a system that is easy to use. All you have to do is push the PVC-sleeved bump arm that is located on the gate with your vehicle. You should be moving at a slow-rolling speed when you do this. Once the gate has opened, continue through the gate without stopping and push the bump arm until the gate has completely opened. The gate will close behind you after several seconds have passed.

Ease and Convenience of Bump N’ Drive

Protecting your property is something you should always be concerned about. By using Bump N’ Drive, you can protect your property while also having a convenient and easy way to enter the gate.…

How to Visually Expand a Small Bathroom

There are some design techniques you can put into place to make your small bathroom look and feel more spacious. Before you begin updating or remodeling a bathroom, you need to assess what design elements will fit your lifestyle. This involves assessing your storage needs, countertop needs and what type of layout meets your specific needs.

Paint Color

Staying within a neutral color palette can immediately make a small space look larger. You can accessorize with bolder, brighter colors. A small room will look larger if you concentrate on using two or three colors in the room rather than a hodge-podge of color.

Flooring Style

Your small bathroom will look more spacious if you create a visual flow throughout the room. When you use different flooring patterns or tile to section off specific areas the overall décor looks compartmentalized. The room will look like a jigsaw puzzle rather than one open visually flowing space.

Shower Design

Glass shower doors dallas tx are a great choice for a small bathroom. Glass shower doors allow light to flow through the area. They support the open concept as opposed to compartmentalizing the space. If you choose to incorporate decorative tile or tiles that complement the neutral color palette in your shower, glass doors allow those tiles to be showcased as an artistic feature in the room.

Reflective Accessories

A small bathroom needs reflective elements in its décor. Mirrors can help visually expand the room. Glass shelves that allow light to flow through are ideal in a small bathroom. Including reflective accessories in the room can trick the eyes into thinking the room is more spacious than it actually is according to square footage. Reflective items in the room include everything from sink faucets to shower heads, lighting, shelf supports and towel bars.

It’s important to utilize all available space in a small bathroom. A corner shower or corner sink is something to consider installing in a small bathroom. Simplicity, organization and uncluttered space are keys to making a small bathroom more functional and visually spacious.…