Veronica Beard is owned by sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard. Their friendship and mutual love for fashion brought them together. After leaving their careers in finance and fashion to raise their kids, they decided to start their own clothing line that has now evolved into one of my favorite brands Veronica Beard.

I was able to work with founder, Stacy Borocz, and the etúHome team to create a beautiful collection of serveware. Working with a female-owned company was an incredible experience. etúHOME creates collections that are handcrafted from sustainable materials in order to be truly authentic. They want to bring beauty and sustainability to your home.

If you love to travel you have definitely seen these trendy luggage brands. Founded by Jen Rubio and Stephanie Korey, Away’s hardshell suitcases have quickly become popular since launching in 2015. With stylish and smart storage space, this brand is an easy go-to for all travelers.

Founded by Jessica Alba, created her clean and sustainable brand with the idea in mind to help the wellness of not only people but the planet as well. Her goal is to build a diverse, inclusive, and ethical brand which is something we think everyone should support.

In honor of traditional African design practices, designer Aurora James founded Brother Vellies. The brand has a wide variety of luxury accessories that uses sustainable and fair labor practices to source materials.

Co-founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, Cuyana is a timeless collection full of simple and carefully selected fabrics. A sustainable brand that is filled with quality products we think are staples that everyone needs.

Noura Sakkijha founded Mejuri with the intent of helping women celebrate themselves – rather than the industry she saw that was built for men to gift women. Mejuri is filled with quality simplistic pieces that would go with any look.


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