Shingle failure is a person of the most common roof troubles in America. As this kind of, a lot of believe this is a purely natural part of obtaining a shingle roof. In fact it isn’t, in simple fact a thoroughly installed and preserved shingle roof can past for a long time without a one failure! The cause why it occurs so usually will come down to 1 thing, somebody went as well low cost and reduce corners. Regardless of whether those corners had been in the variety of low cost labor or products the stop outcome is the identical, the homeowner pays the rate both in funds and complications.

Although mistakes happen to even the best roof contractors, set up complications are most prevalent amid the roof contractors who undercut their rivals on cost, primarily these that offer you roofs for 1000’s much less. Content charges are largely the very same no issue who the roof contractor is, so the cuts have to occur from somewhere and because skilled roof installers command greater salaries, those people cuts will normally appear in the kind of cheaper, inexperienced laborers and which is where by the complications start.

It’s all about the set up, specifically the “small things” like fastenings, if not fastened effectively shingles blow off, and when this takes place you will be accountable for likely immediately after the roofing contractor or spend for the repairs yourself as improperly mounted shingles are not protected by maker warranties.

Seasoned roof contractors know shingles have to be set up precisely to manufacture specs. Otherwise the warranty will be voided. Sadly there are a whole lot of roof contractors out there who either slice corners or are ignorant of these requirements and the final result is property owners are left with a roof with voided content warranties, frequently without having the owners know-how until it’s far too late. It transpires all the time, in particular on roofs that have been air-gunned and not hand-nailed!

How can a inadequate shingle set up void a guarantee?

1.Over-pushed nails rip by means of the shingle and make it extremely quick for the shingle to be blown off by gusts of wind. Popular when nail guns are utilized.

2.Less than-pushed nails will keep up the shingle over, preventing it from thoroughly sealing down to the shingle below. This can allow dust in which will prevent the sealant from activating, and allows wind to capture the shingle and tear it off.

3.Nails that are pushed crooked into the shingle lower into the shingle on 1 side of the nail, whilst the other aspect holds up the shingle earlier mentioned. These two matters blended makes for a fantastic prospect for shingles to be blown off by wind.

4. Nails that are far too small. Nails have to be long ample to penetrate by the shingle and all the way by way of the sheathing. If the roof decking is thick, nails must penetrate up to 3/4″ into the wood.

5.Too couple of nails. Each style of shingle needs a sure quantity of nails to be employed per shingle, the average is 4 nails placed evenly.

6.Inappropriate placement of fasteners – Each form of shingle also has a “nail line” exactly where nails are essential to be placed to realize the developed performance. If the nail line is skipped, then blow-offs are additional very likely to occur and are not lined by the producer guarantee.

Stay away from roof issues by performing your homework and choosing only the finest roof contractors with a popularity for good quality, not cheapness.

If you’re acquiring shingle troubles, getting in contact with the roof contractor who installed it must be your 1st transfer, if they are still in business. If they are they need to restore it at no charge. If you are in the Metro Atlanta region and just cannot access them or they try out to charge you, contact Atlanta Roofing Specialists for a cost-free estimate at 770-419-2222 and we’ll recommend you and make confident your roof is finished appropriate!


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