Barcelona is the perfect city to invest in new housing. Whether for a rental purpose, a principal living accommodation or a second home, choosing Barcelona is an excellent opportunity for future owners. How to explain this favorable context? Is it sustainable? What are main parameters to be known before selecting among the luxury apartments Barcelona for sale? Here are the answers.

The Current Real Estate Context in Barcelona

If you plan to buy luxury flat Barcelona, there are few things you should know. For some years now, real estate investments in Spain have flourished. This can be explained by a remarkable price decrease because of the real estate crisis that hit Spain (and other European countries) in 2008.  Since 2015, the year that marks a pivotal year in local real estate and rental investment, investors have decided to buy luxury Barcelona properties, especially apartments.

The city reveals itself to be very interesting by its climate, but also by the beauty of its houses and buildings. If you can afford it, you will not have any difficulty to buy a luxury penthouse Barcelona. The other reason that pushes investors to choose this town is the property tax. Thus, high standing flats in Barcelona may be offered for sale at derisory prices.

The Prices of Luxury Flats in Barcelona

You may think that purchasing a luxury apartment in Barcelona is expensive but this is not really the case. In 2019, the average price per square meter in Barcelona is € 4553.91. This figure is only an average, which means that you can find lower prices that sometimes go down to € 3500. The highest price per square meter is € 5600. The average has never crossed the symbolic threshold of € 4800 and has experienced a significant fall between February 2019 and May 2019.

The most interesting neighborhoods for Barcelona luxury apartment investors are located in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Les Corts (not far from the mythical football stadium Camp Nou where the FC Barcelona residents play). There, prices per square meter of luxury flats Barcelona are a little higher.

Is Barcelona a Nice Place to Live?

Whether you want to buy a luxury flat Barcelona for a holiday home, a second home that you can also rent out for part of the year or a luxury apartment as your principal residence, living or staying in Barcelona remains a nice experience. The Catalan city will satisfy several profiles of people: families, singles, professionals and entrepreneurs… All is joined together so that everyone can easily feel home. Plus, there are several sumptuous monuments, parks are beautiful and lush, beaches and seas are pleasant and wonderful. The setting is perfect for anyone who wants to relax or discover a new way of life.