May 26, 2022


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This Designer Home Is Filled With Charm And Hidden Details

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At first glance you think, “Oh wow, that’s a really pretty house.” And it is. Oh boy is it. The owner worked at Tallulah & Hess, the popular Lakewood goods boutique, so that basically tells you all you need to know. (Exceptional taste.)

It’s not just the décor or the furnishings or the absolutely perfect, perfect shades of gray that make this house so incredible. It’s everything — the colors, the layout, the size (it’s one of the largest in the neighborhood), the location, the lot … and, of course, the details.

Let’s start with two of the details you DON’T see in the pictures. It’s a two-story with an addition, clearly. And I say clearly as in there aren’t a lot of 3,800 square foot homes over in this area. Not clearly like “you can totally tell there’s an add on” because you can’t. They worked with the roof line and layout of the house and created a flawless second story.

Upstairs, you’ll find two bedrooms. The bedrooms two sisters occupied until not that long ago. In each room there’s a killer built-in bed on a raised base. There’s also a series of built-in cabinets for storage (and some open cubbies, too.) Behind one of those cute little doors, there’s a passthrough TO THE OTHER ROOM. A super-secret sister passthrough so they could pass notes, chat with each other, maybe split a bag of Skittles. I mean, is that childhood dreams? Or am I dreaming? Nope, just checked, it’s CHILDHOOD DREAMS.

The only other thing that could even compare to such an incredibly cool feature would be a laundry chute and oh, what’s that?? They have one of those, too. Are you kidding me?!?

And that’s just the little stuff. The big stuff is the location – PRIME. Set in between Skillman and Abrams, just North of Mockingbird. It’s close to EVERYTHING. The lot is one-third of an acre. There’s room for a pool in the backyard plus spare grass for, you know, a yard-yard. This neighborhood is known for bigger lots, but even so, this one is a gem.

There’s a major picture window in the breakfast nook that is so beautiful. One of the final features I’ll mention is a features that’s about as good as it gets. The utility room. What’s that now? Yes. The utility room. It’s a triple threat. It’s a laundry room, office and mudroom. There’s space galore and it’s all functional. Every family member has their own mudroom cubby and aren’t those pillows just so perfect?? TALLULAH!!!!

All scoops generously provided by Compass’ Catherine Blevens. She has 6347 Chesley Lane listed at $1,195,000.

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