Unfortunately, a leaky roof is something that most people are going to need to deal with. If they are not dealt with quickly, you are going to need to take some steps in order to rectify it. If not, then the issues are likely going to spread a little bit more than you would like. Discovering a leak can be a bit of a nightmare as you will generally need to call a roofer to come and find the source of the leak and see to it. One of the ways you can stop the damage from spreading and make the process of fixing it simpler is by understanding why leaks occur in the first place.

roof leaking

Do You Need a Roofer?

If it is a bit late to look out for what the cause of your leak might be and you need some assistance, then you should consider contacting some roofers to get some quotes regarding the work that might need doing. Roofers are going to be able to spot what the problem with your roof is that is causing it to leak and then do some work to it, which is going to be helpful when it comes to not only fixing the current issue but also making sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Common Reasons Why Roofs Leak

So, why do roof leaks occur in the first place? The various reasons include, but are not limited to:

The Age of Your Roof

This is quite often the primary cause of a roof starting to leak. The materials that go into putting a roof together are sturdy, but they still have a life span, and a leak indicates they have reached the end of it. Most roof tiles, if made well, can last for decades, but they still wane, and this makes them more prone to water damage. Extreme weather conditions can facilitate the damage that happens over time as well, eventually leading to the tiles becoming brittle and cracking.

Tiles Have Been Broken or Are Missing

When there are slipped roof tiles on your property, this can often lead to a problem with leaking. Roofing materials are designed to be tough so that this shouldn’t happen, but they can only take a certain amount of damage before they give. As mentioned above, getting a professional roofer could be your best bet, but you might be able to spot any cracked or missing tiles or any chips that might be present. These usually occur because of heavy winds, so the tiles might also look slightly out of place.

Poorly Placed Fixings

Another standard cause for roof leaks is because nails and fixings have not been installed correctly and therefore are not as secure as they should be. This can often lead to leaks because there are cracks left for water to escape through. If this has occurred, the fixings will need to be replaced in the right position.


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