Spray foam trench breakers are a customizable material that is applied to pipes to offer incomparable protection from weather and wear. The use of polyurethane has increased worldwide for providing needed trench protection.

What is a trench breaker?

A trench breaker is a method of supporting pipes that are laid over the ground and traverse all types of rough terrain. The trench breaker allows the pipe to be supported in a customized way and alleviates an stress on the joints of piping. It helps keep the pipe from becoming damaged.

Why use polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is the perfect material for trench breakers since it’s strong and has great insulative qualities. It sets fast and offers a customized fit, unlike many other materials. Polyurethane foam can be taken out in the field and applied without much trouble It makes it a desirable product for most industries having to extend pipes over long distances.

Is a spray foam trench breaker durable?

Polyurethane foam is unaffected by cold weather or moisture. It’s the perfect material for areas that are prone to cold weather, snow, ice, sleet, and rain. The pipes can rest comfortably protected, nestled by the poly material.

How easy is a spray foam trench breaker to install?

A polyurethane trench breaker can be sprayed into place within a few minutes time. It sets quick to a finished product that will last for years. The training required to apply this type of trench breaker is minimal. Almost anyone in the industry can create the perfect trench breakers. It saves any company placing the pipe in isolated areas the cost of unnecessary repairs on damaged and burst piping.

One of the best uses of polyurethane material has been the development of trench breakers for protecting pipe placed out in open trenches. The simple application and long-lasting capabilities make it a product that will always be in high demand.