Bedrooms aren’t rooms that are typically filled with furniture due to their smaller size. You’ll usually see the basics, a bed, nightstands, and a dresser. That makes those pieces especially important to the room’s design and function. The dresser is where you’d keep your personal and decorative items, so it’s very vital in defining the feel and look of the space.

A dresser with a mirror can pull the room together and keep the space grounded. Without a mirror, a dresser can look unbalanced. An attached mirror adds height and takes up enough space to allow the piece to stand alone. This combination saves time you may spend searching for the right piece to hang over the dresser. 

If you prefer a style that’s consistent throughout the space, this piece is perfect. The dresser and mirror are made for each other, so the style blends seamlessly. The materials and design are the same, so you don’t have to go hunting for complementary pieces. If you get one that’s part of a bedroom set, it will match the bed and nightstands, making your job a lot easier.

Mirror dresser combos are functional and convenient. It gives you a space to check your outfit and add accessories to spruce up your look. Your dresser holds clothes, so having a mirror attached is simply practical. You can keep your jewelry boxes, watches, rings, and cufflinks on the dresser’s surface. Accessories you wear daily have a dedicated space, so you’re less likely to misplace them.

mirror for bedroom dresser saves time as you don’t have to walk back and forth to a mirror to check out your look. Many dressers also have felt-lined drawers to keep your precious valuables from being scratched. 

If you have limited space, you may not think a dresser and mirror are needed. But the convenience of such a piece is unmatched. If you have a closet, you may want to remove the door and place the dresser inside if it will fit. That will open up the room and free up much-needed floor space for you to move around. 

You may not think of mirrors over dressers as very stylish, but many of the modern designs are much sleeker than the bulky ones in your grandmother’s house. Hardware details lend to the style of the dresser, and the knobs and handles are extremely important to the design.

Mirrors can also have a number of details that add to the style of the dresser. The shape is the most noticeable detail that can add cohesiveness to the space. A substantially sized rectangular or square mirror will look great above the dresser if you have a large room with clean, crisp lines.

A curvy mirror is a perfect complement for a curvy headboard. If you have decorative furniture, find a mirror with elaborate detailing to keep the look consistent. There are many different styles and shapes when it comes to dresser mirror combos, so you’re sure to find the ideal piece for your bedroom.


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