When travelling with your family you need to find the right accommodation that is going to suit yourself as well as your children. Sydney hostels are only one option of places to stay that can cater for families. Look for accommodation that suits your budget, provides activities for your children, such as a playground or games room and is close to the centre of town.

Caravan park

For budget travellers staying in a caravan park can be the best choice, particularly for families. It depends on where you are holidaying too, but children love summer camping holidays. If you have your own tent or caravan then you are all set. There are tents available to sleep larger numbers of people and they are now a lot easier to erect than they used to be. Most caravan parks have on site vans that you can hire and this can make your holiday a lot easier, meaning you don’t have to tow your own caravan, which can slow you down, or spend time putting up your tent. Most caravan parks have play equipment and some have swimming pools.


Backpacker hostels offer good cheap accommodation for families. Make sure that you book in advance so that you can get a room all together. It is likely you will be sleeping in bunks and have to share a bathroom with other people, but there are many hostels available in the middle of big cities, so you can save on your accommodation as well as the cost of travel when going to see attractions and landmarks.


If you have a bit more money to spend staying in a hotel is the ultimate luxury. Prices will vary, with five star hotels being the most expensive. With this sort of accommodation you only need to bring yourself and your luggage. There will most likely be a restaurant within the hotel if you choose to dine in, and breakfast is often included in the price. You will have your own bathroom within your hotel room and can make use of services like room service, watching DVDs in your room and even sending clothes out to be laundered. Many five star hotels also have swimming pools, gyms and even day spas for your use, and some offer a child minding service if you decide to have a night out.

Self contained apartment

Staying in a self contained apartment is a good idea when you are travelling with your family, particularly if you have very young children. It is basically like living at home, just in a different town or city. As well as having several bedrooms you have your own bathroom and kitchen facilities. This will help keep the cost of your holiday down by being able to prepare your own meals. Some apartments also have pools and gyms for your use, and this type of accommodation can be found in the centre of town, making it convenient to sights and attractions, as well as shops.

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There are resorts that cater for families, including those with special kids clubs. This way you can spend the day or a few hours doing whatever you wish while the kids are happy doing activities and games with qualified child carers.