Whether you are a lady or a gentleman, having a dressing table in your bedroom is one great move. In its very nature, a dressing table is an indulgent and glamorous piece of furniture, a more functional one.

It provides a place for storing all your make-up. If you are getting ready for work, it sounds efficient to have all your needs in one place.

Whether you are looking to buy white and gold french dressing tables or any other vintage style dressing table choices, this article is for you.

Here are the top choices of modern dressing table designs from the house of Nicky Cornell, the top furniture store in the UK:

1 Crosshatch Dressing Table Set 

Crosshatch Dressing Table Set

There is a reason this dressing table comes first on this list. If you are shopping for the best quality dressing table, this one should cross your mind. If you are looking for the best stylish and more sophisticated way to dress in your bedroom, you should not look any further than this Crosshatch Dressing Table Set.

The Amazing dressing table set comes with a mirror intact and a comfy chair. Both are upholstered in thick fabric and crème, and all are made with quality in mind. Besides making your dressing more comfortable, this dressing table also adds elegance and style to your bedroom.

You can invest your hard-earned money in a high-quality dressing table like this one and make your bedroom beautiful.

2 French Style White Carved Dressing Table

French Style White Carved Dressing Table

There is a lot of style and class you get on this French Style Dressing Table. This will be a perfect addition to your bedroom. The dressing table features an intricate carving and mirror to keep your home free of clutter.

It comes with two drawers to keep all your items and save some space on the table. You can easily pair this dressing table with a French Style White dressing stool to upgrade your bedroom.

Groom your bedroom and add more love to your home with this amazing dressing table.

3 Ellie Belle Dressing Table Desk

Ellie Belle Dressing Table Desk

The best of a dressing table is not that easy to find, but in this special Ellie Belle Dressing Table, you have all you’ve been looking for in your bedroom. This dressing table is white and offers you ample space for keeping all your get-ready items. You can also put a glass vase on the table to add beauty to your room.

It offers you up to 5 drawers with standard crystal handles. It features intricate hand carvings and fully assembled features. The design is also simple and on-point, making it suitable for anyone looking for a classing dressing table.

4 Delila Mirrored Dressing Table and Stool

Delila Mirrored Dressing Table and Stool

Make a date with Nicky Cornell and get the best you can have for dressing tables. In this Delila Mirrored Dressing table, you have all you need to dress well before stepping out. This two-drawer table is crafted in a clean and well-detailed design with some beautiful glass mirrored finish.

The perfect glowing finish gives your room a light and adds beauty to your space. It comes complete with crystal handles. The bedside features are two spacious drawers made of more luxurious velour lining. It also comes with a stool to keep you comfortable as you dress.

5 French Style Gold Dressing Table 

French Style Gold Dressing Table

You should look forward to adding another dressing table to your bedroom. The French-style dressing table has three mirrors which makes it ideal for dressing. It has a gold leaf with a more aged varnish giving this French Bedroom furniture an original and classic look.

The French-style dressing table is made of carved mahogany. It is made in Indonesia and comes to your bedroom with all the beauty, sturdiness, and class that you need.

Final Thoughts 

A high-end dressing table should award your room an inviting focal point. Therefore you want to be keen the next time you choose a dressing table for your home. Here we mention some of the best dressing tables you can find online when you make that move to shop with Nicky Cornell.

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