August 16, 2022


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5 Kitchen Storage hacks For US Residents

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Do you have a small kitchen, and you are tired of seeing your kitchen items all over the place? Or you just moved to a new apartment and are thinking of ways to store things and still have enough space to walk around?

There are a lot of kitchen storage hacks you have never thought about, but they come in handy all the time. Your kitchen is a place you adore because you get to prepare all of your favorite meals there. Keeping your kitchen tidy always will be your priority, and this can only be possible if you have ideas of storage hacks.

Storing kitchen items properly enables you to find things with ease, and you also get to save some space in the kitchen. Are you wondering what those unique kitchen storage hacks are? There are a lot, but we will take you through 5 exciting hacks that will be necessary for you. 

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  1. Create storage under the sink

Do you know you can store things under your sink? You can build an open shelf there and arrange a few important things properly and neatly. You only need to ensure there are no leakages, then build yourself storage below the sink.

  1. Make use of drawers and shelves

Instead of littering kitchen items everywhere, you can build drawers and shelves where you can arrange your things properly. So you don’t get confused, you can always label the drawers with items in them so that you won’t waste too much time looking for a particular item. 

What about the open shelves on the wall? You can arrange your pots, plates, or other containers that may not fit into your drawers. 

  1. Use a wall-mounted dish rack

Your kitchen will certainly not be complete without a dish rack; hence you cannot do without it. But, in a situation that is consuming too much space on your countertop, you can decide to go for a wall-mounted dish rack. This is a perfect way to declutter things from your kitchen counter. The dish rack can be hung just above your sink so water can always drain. 

  1. Install magnetic strips 

For most people, magnetic strips hold family pictures and artwork, but several other things can be done with a magnetic strip. Have you thought of placing your knives there or any other metal storage can? It saves a lot of space because the strip might be glued to the side of your fridge and reaching to those items will be quite easy.

  1. Lazy Susan

Have you heard about Lazy Susan? The object is very hardworking and gives you easy access to kitchen items kept in your corner cabinets. However, there is a lot more you can do with this item. You can use it as storage in your refrigerator, turn it into your tea or coffee serving station or use it in your pantry. Lazy Susan is very useful and serves various storage purposes in your kitchen. 


Knowing how to store things properly in your kitchen comes with lots of thinking and creativity. Your kitchen is very important to you and keeping it tidy should be your utmost priority. With these few hacks listed above, you shouldn’t have a problem anymore on how to store items in your kitchen. 

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