As summer approaches, the need for a cooler and comfortable environment is a must. While you can finally wear your sleeveless tops outside, allowing your home to be cold would always be a great idea. It can allow you to have a safe space to relax and forget that summer is even present.   

There are plenty of ways you can keep your home cool during the summer. Apart from closing the curtains and keeping the heat out, turning on your Air Conditioning units would always provide the best solution. That’ll help to give your home a cool breeze and allow you to live comfortably during summer. 

To ensure maximum productivity, listed below are Air Conditioning Preparation Tips for Summer you can prepare your AC for summer:   

1. Call A Maintenance Service 

One of the top things you should do to prepare your Air Conditioning (AC) for summer’s intense heat and overwork is to call for an HVAC Company in Tulsa to check your AC units and see any repairs or maintenance that you need to accomplish. It will help prepare your AC to properly function as you’ll be using them for longer hours, especially during the afternoon, when the sun is scorching.  

A maintenance service will check your and see if it can still perform well or if it’s due for a replacement. If they notice any faulty mechanics on your AC, they’ll bring it up to you so you can order for the parts, allowing yourself to bring the unit back to its best shape. The earliest you can do this, the better for the condition of your AC. Ideally, you should call for a maintenance service once every six months to check its quality.   

2. Clean Air Filters 

As you use your AC, expect its filters to get dirty, especially because it sucks all of the air inside the room and releases cold air back to you. As it absorbs your existing air, it’ll also filter any dust particles that might be floating around. While it can help to release cleaner air to your home, it might not function well as there are plenty of obstacles getting in the way of the air-cooling process.  

Ideally, you should clean your AC filters at least once a week. To do that, you can easily remove the filters from your AC and wash them away with water. You can use a soft brush to remove any stubborn dirt on your filters. However, if you notice that stubborn dirt or your filters don’t come out clean and white anymore, you should consider replacing them and allowing them to function well.   

Air Conditioning

3. Add An AC Canopy 

If your AC is facing where the sun is most likely to hit during the afternoons, you should consider adding a small canopy that’ll help put your AC into a good shade. Ideally, it will help prevent overheating from work and the sun’s heat. Thus, it’s a good maintenance tip that’ll help keep it in its best condition for years to come.   

Adding a small AC canopy shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Depending on the size of your AC, you could get a maximum of two-by-two feet to cover the entire back of the AC unit. You can do it yourself if it’s within a low height, or you can ask a professional to ensure safety and incredible work.   

4. Clean Condenser Coils 

Your AC’s condenser coils would usually be located outside of your home so that they can circulate freely. Moreover, it also releases hot air, making the room uncomfortable and high-risk molds if you decide to place it inside your home. Since it can experience various environmental factors, plenty of debris could get into the coils.  

To prepare your AC for the summer, you should clean the condenser coils before the summer starts. In most cases, you’ll need to remove any dried leaf or grass that goes into the coils. But your main goal should be to remove everything as it could affect the proper airflow of the unit. You can choose to do this yourself or hire an AC cleaner for more thorough work.   

5. Test Your AC 

Even if you cleaned your AC well and checked that every wire and tube is in its best condition, you should always test your AC to see if it can serve its purpose. The last thing you’d want to happen is to get giddy turning the temperature down, only to find out your AC’s not working how it’s supposed to be.   

You can begin testing your AC by turning it on and setting it to cool. Wait for a few minutes until the room reaches your desired temperature. However, if you notice that it’s taking too long for the AC to cool the room, you might need to check it for maintenance, or you might need to replace it with a bigger size so that it could accommodate the size of the room.   

The Verdict 

While summer is a great season to enjoy the beach, having a break from the heat once in a while would always be great. To keep the air cool, you should ensure that you prepare your AC well. With the right preparation, you can enjoy the cool breeze any time of the day.   


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