One of the most common reasons individuals or companies install a fence is privacy. A major benefit of owning property is the ability to enjoy the outdoors at the owner’s discretion. If you’re considering purchasing and installing a fence, here are three things to consider before making your decision.

1. Purpose

As you begin your search for the perfect fence, it’s important to clearly identify your purpose for installing a fence. Common reasons include:

  • Privacy
  • Containment for pets and children
  • Security
  • Establish boundaries

It’s helpful to understand your main reasons for fence installation Lake County IL because it will help you narrow down what type of fence would be best for your needs.

2. Material and Style

There are numerous fencing materials available including vinyl, picket, chain link, wood and more. You can meet with a fencing company to discuss the pros and cons of various fencing materials before making your decision. In addition to the type of fencing material, there are a variety of styles such as split-rail, lattice, custom and modern. Do some research online to gain an understanding of the types of fence styles available. It’s helpful to see pictures of various fence styles before heading to the fencing company and making your final decision.

3. Cost

A final thing to consider when installing your fence is cost. The cost of fence installation is as variable as the type and style of fences available. This is another reason that it’s so important to understand your purpose in installing a fence. If you’re looking for privacy, a lattice fence may not be your best choice. If you have small pets, a split-rail fence would likely not give you the containment you need.

Installing a fence is a great way to customize your property. Conduct some research online so that you understand the variety of styles and materials available. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can meet with a fencing company to begin installation.