Somehow, a Home Depot in New York is TikTok’s latest fascination.

The “fancy” version of the home improvement store, located on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, is going viral thanks to TikToker @nonnaslilboy. The New Yorker shared the shop’s exterior in a short clip that quickly drew over 6 million views.

It’s just the latest New York City quirk to draw TikTok’s attention. Previously, a user went viral for sharing the “secret codes” that can help visitors navigate Central Park. Another drew attention for their clip on how to spot celebrities on the street.

The video from @nonnaslilboy sparked a similar reaction. Out-of-towners were largely impressed, while New Yorkers seemed unfazed.

“You’re not gonna believe how nice this Home Depot is,” @nonnaslilboy says in his video. “It is actually unbelievable.”

The TikToker proceeds to show the Home Depot, located inside an ornate six-story building. The store is in midtown Manhattan, just a half-block from the city’s famous Flatiron Building.

Commenters immediately demanded that @nonnasillyboy give them a full tour. So, the TikToker obliged.

The store’s interior was slightly less impressive but did feature a massive glass ceiling looking up to the rest of the building. Overall, though, the building blew TikTokers away.

“That’s not Home Depot … that’s Castle Depot,” one user wrote.

“I’m taking my son to get baptized here,” another joked.

“Oh she’s classy,” another added.

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