Window Shades 101: The 4 Basic Types


Whether you are in the city or suburbs, a secured window covering is a must to promote privacy and security, especially at night. It is also a way to add beauty to any room. Now, there are various kinds of window treatments. One of the most popular types is the window shades. A window shade has a wide range of options. It is available in different materials, colors, patterns, and styles, which makes it a perfect fit for your home. It can give you a formal, rustic, casual, or contemporary look. 


But, do not mix up shades and blinds. Blinds open and close its slats to adjust the room brightness. A shade is a fabric that you can pull up or down through a cord. To help you understand window shades more, here are the 4 basic types that you can choose from.


Roller Shades

A roller shade is the most preferred type of window shades. It is easy to install and operate. They fit perfectly in window casements. Roller shades work through a pulley, which enables it to roll up and down through a cord. There are different materials that you can choose from, which include bamboo, fabrics, or burlap. Some even have tassels and trim.  


Manual plastic shades are readily available in stores and are inexpensive. Nevertheless, if you are aiming for a home upgrade, choose a motorized window shade. It has an automatic lift mechanism. You do not need to pull the cord. With the use of a remote, you can roll up or down your roller shade. Your roller shades houston provider can advise you how to choose the best kind that will be perfect for your needs.

Tie-Up Shades

A tie-up shade also called the stagecoach shade, is a flat fabric on your window. But, instead of your roller mechanism, you only use ribbons or ties to hold them up to your desired height. While it may be inconvenient to tie up and remove every time, people still use this type as it adds more style to windows.

Roman Shades

A roman shade is something between a roller shade and a tie-up shade. It hangs flat like the tie-up shades, but have pleats that pull up and down through a cord. Roman shades are available in heavy fabric, polycarbonate, and bamboo. There is a wide range of color and pattern options available in the market that you can choose from. 


Balloon Shades

A balloon shade is a hanging fabric with cascaded poufs. It is the best option for those who want a romantic and old-fashioned feel. Most balloon shades are made of patterned sheer fabric or silk. While it may not be a popular choice for most households, a balloon shade is still on French hotels, Tuscan cottages and villages, and old-fashioned Hollywood chic cafes.


Takeaway Thought

Aside from added privacy and brightness control, a window shade can improve your home appeal. It is available in different colors and patterns. Plus, it is affordable and economical. Seek advice from the best provider whether you should choose roller shades houston, a tie-up, roman, or balloon shade.