Transgender people often go through a challenging journey that might include many medical treatments and therapies. These procedures may consist of facial feminization, genital reassignment surgery, and a transgender hair transplant. 

And all these major surgical procedures may take time before you see your desired results. Some could take months while others even years. 

Male To Female Transition

Male pattern baldness can be a distressing hair loss problem for men, a receding hairline, and thinning hair. Generally, all these hair loss problems, including bald spots in the crown area, can be challenging for those transitioning from male to female and seeking a female appearance. But this can be particularly disappointing for trans women as it represents a sign of an undesired male physical composition.

Every trans woman desires to achieve natural, thick hair that they can style comfortably according to their new gender.

And a transgender hair transplant procedure is the most common technique that helps MTF patients to achieve a feminine hairline that lowers, flattens, and shapes the hairline. And one aspect of successful transgender hair restoration is for a doctor to understand the intricacies of male and female hairlines. How does this happen? 

MTF Hair Transplant Procedure

Generally, hair transplant can involve two standard procedures; follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant. The surgeon moves some hair follicles from one region to the area without much hair or baldness. 

And for a receding hairline treatment, your doctor might use about 2,000 to 3,000 grafts to achieve the best results. 

So, the surgeon removes some hair from a donor area and transfers this to the receding hairline. And the practitioner must account for the directional flow of hair growth during implantation. 

FTM Hair Transplant Procedure

Women transitioning to men are likely to seek a more masculine hairline. The transgender hair transplant provides an FTM a fuller facial hair on the facial area.  

So, a doctor might use a FUT procedure for facial hair restoration, which provides extensive coverage. The procedure involves harvesting a strip of hair follicles from the back of the head (usually have healthier and fuller hair) and transplanting it into the desired location.


Hairline masculinization involves changing a high hairline to an M-shape, which defines a masculine appearance. A surgeon must have experience with a high degree of artistic skill, which enables him to implant the hair follicles at a perfect angle.


Other than hairline, facial hair is another critical male trait of an FTM. While some hormone therapy might help to grow facial hair, it might not achieve the desired results. That’s why a person might find a transgender hair transplant necessary to achieve the best outcome. And this surgery helps build up a precise pattern of hair growth in the beard, mustache, and eyebrows. It advances a person’s facial masculinization.

Some men view the chest as a symbol of masculinity. So, it can be a vital trait for men. A hair transplant surgery can help someone achieve this and also help hide any scars that might be there from reconstructive chest surgery. 


After your MTF or FTM hair transplant, the healing process is relatively quick. Within a week or less, you can comfortably resume your routine activities. Though, you have to keep physical activities less strenuous. 

First, some scabs will form on the treated region but will not last long. Other adverse reactions might include bleeding, swelling, and infection in the treated area. But your doctor will guide you on post-treatment instructions to keep you comfortable. 

In Conclusion

Transgender hair transplant is an excellent hair loss treatment that helps reduce gender dysphorias such as hairlines and high foreheads. Hair restoration gives a person a whole head appearance of natural-looking hair for transgender patients. It also creates a masculine appearance of beard and eyebrows, which is critical for an FTM and gives you your desired look. 

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