Top Reasons to Use a Cloud Backup Service

Backup is the standard activity to enable data preservation. Ever since electronic computing was invented, project management backup was already the immediate concern of computer users. Computer vendors have done many improvements to make the computer more reliable. However, computers unfortunately are still fragile machines that can breakdown unexpectedly. Valuable data can be instantly lost by a hard disk failure due to a manufacturing defect or due to an electric damage caused by electrical power problems or other malfunctioning parts inside the computer like its power supply.

Traditional backup was done using magnetic media like floppy disks, tape drives, and even extra hard disks. Advancement in storage technology allowed us to make use of optical media and flash drives as alternative and faster backup devices. Desktop PCs and servers use the same types of backup medium. The only difference is that servers use more complicated backup equipment than ordinary PCs do.

Before the arrival of cloud computing services, it was necessary to invest in additional hardware to be able to make backups of our one stop data centre. This entailed additional expenses on extra storage equipment and backup software. Besides obtaining the equipment, we also need to invest in technical skills to enable to make the backup and restoration of our Infrastructure Management.

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Thanks to the current proliferation of cloud computing solutions, we can now do remote backup that is cheaper, faster and more convenient without having to learn technical skills to operate the backup software. The cloud computing service that deals primarily with remote backup is called the cloud backup service. We will enumerate the top reasons to use a cloud backup service.

1. Inexpensive Backup

A cloud-based backup solution’s foremost benefit is cost. Since we don’t need to buy any equipment, real savings can be made. Some vendors also have different types of subscriptions with different prices depending on the features we need. We can pay only for the features we want and later we can upgrade if our needs expand.

2. Ease Of Use

The accompanying software included with the backup service is simple to install and operate. We only setup the software once and after that, we can forget about it. Our data is then automatically backed up online.

3. Service Availability

Everywhere we go, as long as there is an internet connection, the backup service will be available because it is cloud-based. More and more people are becoming mobile workers and being able to access cloud services anywhere is a big plus.

4. Many Providers To Chose From

Vendors are rushing to deliver cloud computing solutions on many different types of services. This is good news to customers as more choices are available to them.

5. Multi-platform Support

Windows maybe be the dominant operating system but there are also Linux and Apple users. Many vendors are now providing support for these operating systems. Some vendors even provide browser-based interfaces to make sure all platforms are supported in one way or another.

6.  Security

Security is a natural concern when allowing a third party to take care of our data. Some vendors give you the option to encrypt your data before they are saved in the cloud. In cases that this feature is not available or quite expensive, we can encrypt our own data before making the backup.

These top reasons to use a cloud backup service should be enough justification for any computer user to consider or initiate actions to protect their data. Newer technologies are allowing us to perform the required data preservation behind the scenes while we focus our attention on our jobs.