May 23, 2022


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Tips for Finding the Best and Durable Air Cooler

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If you want better coolness from a fan, there are at least 2 choices available, namely air cooler and air conditioner. At a glance both do look similar. There are only minor differences. But when it comes to flexibility in placement and ease of use, the air cooler still seems better. Maybe that’s why there are some people who prefer air coolers. But finding the best Air cooler is also not an easy matter. At a minimum, you must know, what a good choice for you. Coupled with the help of the following tips, finding an air cooler will no longer be difficult.

1. Determine the Type of Air Cooler that Most Needs

In the market itself, there are 2 types of air coolers that are sold on the market. Both are evaporative and portable types. The difference between the two lies in the size and power needed. Evaporative has a larger size and requires more power compared to other types of portable coolers. However, this type also has the best cooling ability.

2. Consider the Available Features

At least the best air cooler has some basic features such as speed controller, automatic Air level controller, remote control, automatic shutoff dampers and timers. When you choose an air cooler, be sure to pay attention to the availability of these features.

3. Size of the Air Cooler

The size of the air cooler determines its capacity and range. Simply put, the larger the size of the air cooler, the wider the range. So pay attention to how much space you want to cool. Departing from here, you will find the best air cooler more easily.

In choosing an Air cooler, it is highly recommended to know your needs. Considerations such as the size of the room to be cooled occupies a very vital position. This consideration is no less important than the amount of power needed by the air cooler to be able to work optimally. In addition to the above considerations, there is still another important consideration in finding the best air cooler. The consideration is brand. Admittedly, the brand is not just a matter of prestige. It also guarantees the quality of the product. So if you are looking for a quality and durable solar air cooler, it’s good to consider using a Vankool Air cooler.

If you want to find a solar air cooler, at an affordable price, you can try buying it at They are provide various types of Air Cooler brands, one of which is Vankool Air Cooler – VAB18-IQ.

Air Cooler Evaporative with Type VANKOOL AIR COOLER – VAB18-IQ is a superior product from Vankool. Evaporative Air Cooler is a device used to cool down certain areas. This tool is widely used in Mall and Outdoor Industrial Areas.

This product was chosen because there are several advantages of this air Cooler evaporative that is not owned by similar devices. In addition to its reach which can reach 10 meters, it makes the Evaporative air cooler very popular, especially in Industries and Malls that have large areas.

Evaporative AIr Cooler is a superior and special product with Japanese technology and has proven its reliability. When compared with local and Chinese competitors, Evaporative air cooler products clearly lose the price which has a more expensive price. But, if the quality problem is clearly far above its competitors in the same class.

Enjoy the coolness of the Evaporative air cooler in your room.

The Vankool Air Cooler Evaporative Air Cooler – VAB18-IQ product is no longer produced, and as its successor the next generation is produced which certainly has many advantages compared to its predecessor, the VANKOOL AIR COOLER – VAB18-EQ.

Features of VANKOOL Evaporative Air Cooler (VANKOOL 406-E)


Compared to AC in general, VANKOOL Evaporative Air Cooler saves about 80% of power consumption.

AC produces cold air with heat exchange media. On the other hand VANKOOL adopted “Evaporation” which is a natural phenomenon, similar to the wind flowing across a lake, so it does not need a lot of electricity consumption used. This is one of the advantages of the VANKOOL brand Evaporative Air Cooler

  • The auto-swing mechanism allows wind to blow in all directions
  • Cool air reaches a maximum of 7 m (in high air volumes).

Cool air can cover a wide variety by auto-louver. The third-stage air volume can be selected.

  • Vankool Air Cooler – VAB18-EQ never releases waste heat such as air conditioning because the compressor is not equipped with VAB18-EQ.

Vankool Air Cooler – VAB18-EQ Produces a comfortable environment because there is no heat dissipation, as is the case with the Air Conditioner.

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