Before you get in a car crash, the first thing you need is auto insurance. You can easily search and compare rates online, even by location. For example, if you live in Peoria, AZ, just type “auto insurance peoria az” into a search site and get to looking right away. You’ll probably be glad you did. If you do experience a collision, you will have three major things to do to preserve your sanity.

1. File a Police Report

Even if the other driver attempts to flee the scene, call 911 and inform them you were involved in a car crash. They have scripted questions that will help them determine which police department needs to respond and whether an ambulance is needed. Even if you feel fine, filing a police report will create solid documentation of the event to which you can refer the insurance companies.

2. Exchange Insurance Information

Unless the other driver flees the scene, you should always exchange insurance information. There is no guarantee that the other party will truly file a claim with their insurance, so make sure that you can. Even if the accident was not your fault, filing a claim with your insurance company can save you the hassle of battling with the other person’s insurance over reimbursement for property damage and injuries.

3. Go to the Doctor as Soon as Possible

Preferably, see your family doctor or go to the emergency room directly following the accident. In a world of very high co-pays and deductibles combined with the pain-dulling effect of adrenaline, this can seem unnecessary, but much like filing a police report, it creates solid documentation of your injuries and the collision event.

About 6 million car crashes occur in the U.S. per year, so being prepared for the nigh-inevitable is probably wise. In addition to purchasing auto insurance beforehand, knowing the 3 big steps to take right away should save you plenty of time and stress.