When it comes to buying and selling a house there are certain procedures you will want to follow to make sure everything goes to plan and you don’t incur any extra cost.

The legal process of buying and selling is called conveyancing. All solicitors practising in England and Wales should be registered with the proper authority.

When you put an offer on a property your estate agent will ask for the conveyancer’s details for both parties.  Read on to find out more about the process.

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It is a really good idea to get in contact with a Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester way on links including www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Conveyancing-Solicitors/Conveyancing-Solicitors-Manchester  before you even put in an offer as you dont want to make a rushed decision when you do finally find a property that you love. 

They will take care of items like the local search, Land charges search, land registry, stamp duty and home information packs.

As the price can vary hugely most people will opt to get three different quotes from three different companies so they can do a comparison.    Make sure you know exactly what is included in the quote like phone calls, their time, letters and faxes. They may have small fine print stating that any problems occuring will be charged additionally. They will normally ask for your details and identification like a passport, drivers license and mortgage lender details.   It is important that you look at the credentials of a company as well as the price for your house purchase and sale if necessary. 

It is suggested that only twenty percent of people actually get a professional to do a survey which is incredible considering this is one of the biggest purchases of your whole life.

The first thing the conveyor will do is look through the contract and bring up any problems with the sellers solicitors.

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You then will have a whole chain of things happen like mortgage applying, Signing contracts, exchanging and what happens between exchange and completion. You eventually come to the completion day when its normally set at midday but is normally on the sellers solicitor agreeing they have all the money they need.  Once that has happened the estate agent will release the keys to you and you can move in.