When fitting roller garage doors there are some high points and some challenges you may face.  Aon the whole the garage doors will add security and add to the look of your house.  However, it is essential to evaluate all the factors when making such a vital addition to your home.  Here we explore the advantages and disadvantages of roller garage doors.

High level of safety

If your roller doors are electric, the level of security offered is superb.  The doors come with a manual locking feature, as well as sometimes coming equipped with remote control.  Therefore, the chances of your garage being opened by someone other than you are unlikely. Security of our family and our possessions is probably number one on anybody’s list of desired features, and this is a strength of roller garage doors.

Easier to open

A standard garage door that swings out before it swings up can be cumbersome to handle. First, you must remember to park your car far enough away to cope with the swing.  How many times have people got out the car after a long day, gone to open the garage, only to find they must get back into the car to reverse it back a little to make room? A small inconvenience, but on that will undoubtedly begin to grind and ruin your convenience.

The roller door is also lighter to lift, as the action of the roller does much of the work.  This makes roller garage doors perfect for older, and maybe shorter, people.

You can use the roof of the garage

Roller garage doors do not need internal tracks on the roof of the garage.  This means you can create storage at roof height to maximise the space you have available.  You then have the option of using your garage for storage and for parking the car. Sometimes, the internal mechanism of other doors means you can just fit the car into the garage space, and that is all.  This increases the value of your garage doors.

They can fit almost every shape of garage

Unlike sectional garage doors, which tend to come in pre-designated sizes, a roller garage door can be sized to the size needed. Industrial outlets are more likely to have roller garage door designs than domestic users because of the dimensions of the entry required.

There are other ways that the roller garage doors are not as flexible.  The doors come in one design, which is horizontal lines, made of either steel or aluminium.  Other door styles could offer you a woodgrain effect, or a colour paint finish, or a panel design.  Therefore, although they can fit out of the ordinary shapes, you are disadvantaged in other choices.  Some would tell you that the roller doors have an industrial feel that do not add to the outside appeal of the house.  This is an important consideration when making your choice.

Mostly Smooth Action

The mechanism of the roller garage doors is highly engineered for repetitive use.  They are often loaded with springs to help with the lifting of the garage door. This mechanism does infringe on the opening aperture of the garage to a degree.  Also, with repeated use, the mechanism can become noisy and require a degree more effort to open. It is likely you will want to maintain the roller mechanism to lengthen the life of the product.  However, there is no doubting that a roller garage door is much easier for the average user to open that other doors that swing out and up.