The finishes in a home are what make it feel complete and coherent. From your kitchen cabinets to your bedroom doors, these simple finishes can set the tone in your space. Sleek, sophisticated, modern or traditional. The right choice can elevate even the smallest of rooms.

Unipanel SA is a leading independent board merchant, specializing in luxury innovative products for Interior Designers and Shopfitters throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

As a market leader, they are more than just a manufacturer. Using state-of-the-art machinery, Unipanel SA is able to provide high-quality products leveraging specialized technical skills and industry knowledge. Their vision? To become one of Africa’s leading and most respected textured wooden panel brands.

The company is thus driven by a strong culture of innovation and excellence in everything they do. This subsequently translates into a finished product through its investment in state of the art machinery and world-class production standards and capabilities.

Quality is a core value that defines Unipanel. All products are therefore manufactured to the same stringent standards, ensuring a level of reliability and superior design.

Choose from a beautiful selection of finishes including real stone, real glass and more in the Exclusive Range from Unipanel SA. These showstopper finishes will surely bring a sophisticated look to your next design or project.

Cutting & Edging

Unipanel’s Cutting Facility is state of the art with computer-driven Beam Saws. This ensures cutting is done efficiently and accurately. The Edge Banding department is one of its kind with a signature Zero Glue line guarantee. This is therefore achieved with the use of a specialised PUR glue system, ensuring the highest quality bond between board and edging. This, therefore, gives each board the best chance of surviving high moisture environments.

Build Ups

Unipanel provides build ups from 36mm to 54mm which can be used for various applications. This includes Desk Tops, Table Tops, Tv Unit frames, and Shelving etc.

Door & Panel Processing

The door and panel processing system ensures the most efficient turnaround time. Find peace of mind from the minute you fill in your order via Unipanel’s easy to use order form, to the delivery team handling your processed components as they are being carefully delivered to your requested location.

CNC Routing

With precision CNC Routers, Unipanel can thus assist with special shapes and patterns.

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