A home is a place of refuge for all family members. It turns out that a comfortable and clean house is still not enough, to be able to maintain family health. You also need an air purifier, which is sophisticated electronics that can make the air at home much healthier. Come on, see tips for choosing the right air purifier as well as recommendations!

Living in a city where the air is fairly polluted makes it difficult for us to get clean air to breathe. Even in the house once. This of course also hurts health. By the results of research from the environmental protection agency (EPA), bad air conditions can also make health decline.

the air will be clearer and cleaner with the help of an air purifier or air purifier of choice. Dirty air will be filtered by the air purifier and make the air in the room clean and free of pollution

The following is a list of recommendations for advanced air purifiers that can produce clean and healthy air at home for you to use:

Clair Air Purifier R2bf2025

The first recommended air purifier is from Clair. This air purifier is suitable for small to medium-sized areas such as your home or office.

Works by eliminating 99.97% of fine dust particles, mold, and others. This air purifier has a more compact size than similar air purifiers so it can save space.

Clair Cube Plus Air Purifier

This air purifier uses 3 filtration technologies, such as E2F electrostatic filter + UV light + ion to maximize its filtration power and make the air healthier. This air purifier has a more compact size than similar air purifiers so it can save space.

The Cube plus series is equipped with the addition of new features, including a fine dust sensor and auto mode. The fine dust sensor feature functions to check the environmental air quality with colored LED lights as an indicator. Auto mode is a setting option resulting from fine dust sensor readings.

Kris Air Purifier Vk-6080b

Bring healthier air indoors with the Kris air purifier. The air purifier can filter fine and invisible dust particles with 3 filtration stages, namely pre-filter, activated carbon, HEPA 13, and replace it with cleaner and dust-free air.

This air purifier uses a touch panel for easy setup and wooden legs for a more elegant appearance. You can also use it as a night light.

Clair K Air Purifier

This air purifier uses 3 stages of filtration, starting from a microfiber filter to capture dust and animal hair, a CEPA filter (Clair Embossing HEPA) which is HEPA technology developed by Clair to increase the efficiency of dust and dirt filtration, and a carbon filter to absorb unpleasant odors.

The filter on the in-air purifier can filter all dust and unpleasant odors and replace it with cleaner and healthier air. You can adjust the fan speed, view the air quality status through the LED indicator, select the AUTO feature for ease of use, and the child lock feature for the safety of your little one.

Clair Air Purifier H

Get cleaner air in your room with the help of the Clair air purifier. This air purifier has a synergy hybrid filtration system, which is a combination of a HEPA filter that functions to filter dust larger than 3 microns, and an electrostatic e2f filter that attracts dust like a magnet.

The 360-degree open design can also produce a wider and more comprehensive air filtration. With an elegant and compact design appearance, this air purifier is suitable to be placed in all places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, or even kitchens with a very efficient power range from 7-36 Watts.

Pure Aria Air Purifying Flamingo

Make the air in your room cleaner with the Pure Aria air purifier from Flamingo. This very small air purifier is perfect for placing on a table because it doesn’t take up much space.

Besides not taking up much space, this air purifier can also be operated using a USB cable, making it easier for you to apply this air purifier. You can easily store it if you don’t want to use it.

Honeywell Air Purifier Hac35m1101g

Keep your room air clean with the Honeywell HAC35M1101G air purifier. It uses multiple filtration processes to remove and clean invisible and harmful pollutants from your home environment.

Equipped with a 3D air intake feature to maximize coverage area with a very low noise level so it doesn’t disturb your peace while resting. Complete with 7 selectable fan speeds, with 3 filter combinations including pre-filter, Heap Filter, and HSiv filter.

Coway Air Purifier Ap-1008dh

Enjoy clean and cool air every day in your home with the Clair air purifier. This air purifier is suitable for small to large areas such as your home or office. The minimalist and elegant design makes it ideal for placing anywhere.

Unlike other air purifiers, Clair uses an e2f filter that can operate effectively without the need for large wind gusts to minimize electrical power consumption. You can get all of these home appliances from an air purifier manufacturer.