MEDINA, Ohio — City Council has passed a resolution to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for the demolition of a house on Foundry Street adjacent to Ray Mellert Park.

“This request is to use the ARPA funds that were approved by our attorney to demolish the home at 368 Foundry St.,” said Parks and Recreation Director Jansen Wehrley.

“The property has not yet transferred as of today, but we want to be a little bit proactive and get the purchase order secured so that we can get the house down and the property cleaned up and then incorporate it into Ray Mellert Park,” he said.

In other news, Mayor Dennis Hanwell spoke about a big city Memorial Day tradition.

“I’m happy to report that we will be having the Memorial Day parade this May 30 and it will take place as it has in the past, with the lineup in front of the courthouse and the library and Garfield School,” he said.

Additionally, city Engineer Patrick Patton discussed two city projects going out to bid this week.

“Our South Court water tower repainting and maintenance will be out to bid on Wednesday (April 13) and on Friday (April 15), our Gates Mills bridge replacement will be out to bid,” Patton said.

The city is also set to get back into celebrating new businesses with the start of its yearly ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

“We are getting ready to start up our ribbon-cutting trail again starting on May 6, which is a Friday, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Medina,” said Economic Development Director Kimberly Marshall.

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