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Matching the Right Window Style to Each Room

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Matching the Right Window Style to Each Room

Thinking about new windows? Most homeowners realize they need to look at aspects such as brand and budget before making their decision. But they don’t always consider that it’s possible—or even smart—to choose different styles depending on which rooms the windows will go in.

Why plan for different windows room by room? Simply put—why not? Today’s products offer so many options, especially when you choose a manufacturer like Pella Windows, which specializes in crafting well-made, versatile window types that can easily be mixed and matched to your delight.

So, as you dream about replacement windows that will raise your home lifestyle to a higher level, don’t be afraid to get creative and make a beautiful window statement in every single room of your home. These tips will help you do that.

Kitchen: Bright, Functional Windows

Many people consider the kitchen the true heart of a home. Certainly, it’s one of the most highly-used areas of the house—and it needs to be practical and easy to clean as well as brightly lit for cooking, eating, and other activities (such as homework and playtime for the kids!).

As you consider windows for your kitchen, think about where they will be placed, how easily you can reach them, and what’s most important to you for this space.

  • Casement windows are handy in tight spaces such as behind a deep kitchen sink, because their cranks make them easy to open and shut.
  • Sliding windows are simple for family members of all ages to operate and wipe clean.
  • For large kitchens with a great view, a bay window brings in a lot of light and also offers added sill space for a charming herb garden or sitting area.

Bedroom Windows: Cozy, Relaxing 

Bedrooms are one of the most personalized areas in a home, and fortunately, they can accommodate many window types with ease. So, the key here is to think about the overall feel of your bedroom, and what you want most in your window features to bring that feel to the forefront.

  • Bay and bow windows are beautiful additions to spacious master suites where you can create a cozy space to relax and read.
  • Double-hung and casement windows bring in plenty of bright sun and ventilation. They’re also easy to operate and clean.
  • Specialty windows can create a unique decorative flair. Pella offers many custom shapes and sizes to fit any design style you have in mind.

Living, Dining, or Den Windows: Elegant, Inviting

Areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, and dens often perform a mix of functions for your family. They’re both casual places to relax at the end of a busy day, as well as places to entertain during holidays, birthdays and other special events. So, they should be selected for both beauty and their ability to bring in ample sunlight.

  • Large, dramatic picture windows draw the eye to attractive landscaping.
  • Elegant bay and bow windows offer broad, deep windowsills to hold décor, or even a nice built-in bench for added seating.
  • A mix of fixed windows with casement or awning windows can bring in fresh air.
  • UV-resistant glass prevents furnishings from fading while letting in the sun.

Home Office Windows: Practical 

More than ever, working from home is growing in popularity. So is studying from home for children of all ages. As you plan your window replacement project, give special attention to the room or rooms where adults and children spend a lot of time working and studying.

  • Casement windows bring in both good lighting and fresh air, and are easy to keep sparkling clean.
  • Sliding windows are ideal if your workspace is tight, but you still want a window you can easily use.
  • Features such as built-in blinds can help darken the room or manage lighting for video calls.

Bathroom Windows: Private, Soothing 

Bathrooms can be small spaces, or they may be luxurious (if you’ve created that master bath space of your dreams!), and they often require creative window solutions. Our team loves Pella Windows in part because they offer so many options that can be useful here.

  • Stained, textured, or tinted glass can give you more privacy while also adding a touch of class.
  • Awning windows higher up on the wall can bring in light and fresh air without compromising privacy.
  • Single-hung and casement windows are a great, practical fit for larger baths that would benefit from added natural lighting.
  • Built-in blinds save space, stay clean, and make it easy to shut out the world when you need quiet relaxation.

Create Seamless Elegance for Every Room with Pella Windows 

As you consider your choice in window replacements, we recommend giving a careful look at one of the favorite brands in our area—Pella Windows. Michigan homeowners appreciate the high-performing, elegant, practical features Pella offers.

  • Energy-efficiency for strong insulating value and reduced energy bills—In fact, all Pella Windows are ENERGY STAR® rated!
  • Smart Home tech like motorized blinds and built-in security sensors—You’ll appreciate the convenience and security.
  • Weather-resistant and impact-resistant glass and frames—Enjoy long-lasting durability in Michigan’s rough weather.
  • Superb warranty—You’ll have great peace of mind knowing that your investment in Pella Windows is protected by a strong guarantee from the manufacturer.

Update Your Home with Beautiful Windows Installed by Our Experts   

As you dream about how bright, airy and attractive your home will be with new windows, remember that it’s simple to create a stylish, cohesive look by blending different windows from the same manufacturer. 

At John McCarter Construction, we love seeing how Pella Windows satisfy Detroit and Ann Arbor homeowners time and time again. As a Pella Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’re precision trained in installation, so you get top performance out of your windows.

Explore our Pella Windows services and start planning your home upgrades today.

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