When you have a space to call all your own, it’s natural to want to make it feel like your own. Choosing everything to make you feel truly at home means making a lot of choices. Color schemes, textures, aesthetics – it’s all open to be made just the way you like. Here are some favorite styles to consider when creating your personal masterpiece.


From carpet to wood to synthetics, there are an endless array of choices in this category alone. Floors are a design element that isn’t changed as often as others – so you want to make sure to get quality products that you love. A unique choice like Provenza floors offers the long-lasting quality of wood flooring and the custom-made craftsmanship that is sure to impress. Build your style from the ground up with high-caliber flooring to add character and quality to your space.


Color palettes can really make a room pop. Adding elements of a color scheme throughout your new space can carry your theme from room to room for flow. Alternately, you can have different looks for different rooms and contrast them against each other. You can paint walls, add accent pillows, or even invest in a bold piece of furniture to amplify your chosen color palette.

The Little Things

Floors and colors are immediately noticed and hard to miss – but don’t forget the small details, too. Simple tasks like updating or switching out drawer pulls and outlet covers make a big difference in the styling and consistency of your design. These little items may slip your mind, but they can make a wonderful artistic addition to any room.
Creating a home out of a house is an adventure and it should stay that way. Major reconstructions aren’t always necessary – sometimes easier updates can make all the difference in the look and ambiance of your space.