May 23, 2022


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Luxury Rugs

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Luxury is associated with the classic and supreme quality products. When you have to décor a house interior, along with many other things such as furniture and curtains, covering for floors also needs your utmost attention. Nothing provides more glam to your floors than the selection of brilliantly-crafted soft and fluffy rugs. The ITC natural luxury flooring offers a classic range of luxury rugs for the embellishment of your floors and gives them a stylish antique and modern look. These cutting-edge rugs are made up of the finest fibers with an extensive assortment of colors and designs.

If you go for hand-made collection of luxury rugs, you have also a fine assortment at ITC, The multiple categories of luxury rugs range from outdoor, shag, novelty rugs, modern rugs and transitional rugs etc. Each category has its own distinctions in color, design and craftsmanship. They impart your interior an unmatched classy look which impresses your visitors of your exclusively fine taste.

The designs of ITC’s luxury rugs boast high knot density and elaborate patterns. They are the brilliant choice for you for a number of reasons. You can find them in small to stunningly large sizes, capable of meeting your floor covering requirements all these options, ITC’s maintains its quality standards and provide you with the best product at the most competitive prices. There are numerous color options that make is immensely easier for you to choose from to match with the furniture and tapestry of your house or office.

ITC natural luxury flooring are created using yarn of excellent quality. Similarly the all the process involved in preparing the rugs is impeccable, ensuring only a fine production. This is the reason that ITC’s rugs and carpets are liked by a great majority of people. They depend on them for giving their premises touch of exclusive colors and warmth. These fine quality rugs are the essential demand of every household where people love to display the finery of their selection.

ITC’s rugs enjoy a solid and widespread reputation for numerous designs and constructions. Apart from hand-made rugs, you can find with them hand tufted and power loomed designs. In its entire collection ITC’s preference is to use best quality fibre and provide with you a product that is both reliable and inspiring. Whether it is a living room or dining room floor, ITC’s collection can easily meet your needs. The sleek and sophisticated material and designs of these fantastic rugs will fill the spaces of your home with great texture and warmth.

It is advisable to select rugs with high pile for places where the movement of people is scarce such as your personal room. However, it is good to place rug of flat 6mm pile where the movement of people is quite frequent. Choose from minimalist designs, matching and contrasting colors and create a distinguished and engaging appearance. There are too many ideas to help you style your floors and make them elegant. The ITC’s collection is allows you translate your fine taste into reality.

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