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Inspiration roundup: Cozy bedrooms – COCO LAPINE DESIGNCOCO LAPINE DESIGN

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Inspiration roundup: Cozy bedrooms - COCO LAPINE DESIGNCOCO LAPINE DESIGN

I love the color blue for bedroom walls. Cool tones tend to work well in bedrooms and I think in this particular room, the blue elements harmonize in such a lovely way with the tints of beige and natural wood. The blue linen duvet cover* works so nicely together with the color on the wall and I love the little desk in front of the window where you can look out on the street from while you work.

via Alvhem

This contrasting bedroom with white furniture and walls painted in a dark grey wall color has a few of pops color that really draw the eye. I like that next to the inevitable wardrobe you can find an antique desk combined with a deep blue bentwood chair. This home office corner is eye-catching and adds character to the space.

via Entrance Makleri

I think the warm color palette works so nicely in this room and the colors of the walls match the warm hardwood flooring very nicely. Even though the decoration is rather modest, the peg rail and the vase with beautiful flowers that have been placed on a pedestal really add something special here. 

via Historiska Hem

Another great combination of bedroom and workspace with black accent pieces adding contrast to the otherwise grey and beige setting. I think the wall lamp in combination with the art print and the round mirror works lovely above the bed and the white desk in front of the window looks like a great spot to sit and get some work done.

via Kvarteret Makleri

The green, white and beige color palette in this turn-of-the-century bedroom lighten up the black hardwood flooring in such a lovely way. I love the way the single artwork above the bed matches the color palette of the bedding and the way the sheer white curtains frame the window.

via Alvhem

The daylight coming into this beautiful bedroom with a rather awkward layout is simply amazing and the fact that the walls are painted in such a dark color enhances this even better. The dark grey curtains match the color of the wall and for a great tone-on-tone effect, the plinths, door, and window have all been painted in the same dark grey tint.

via Historiska Hem

This bedroom has a bit more of an eclectic touch, yet the beige and pink color palette makes it very calm and tranquil at the same time. The mineral wall treatment adds an interesting texture to these turn-of-the-century walls and the headboard adds a lot of personality to this room.

via Alvhem

You don’t often see green and pinks combined, but this combination works so nicely in this Swedish bedroom. The green wall combined with the beige and wood elements makes the look very calm and inviting, while the pink lamp adds a little something special.

via Stadshem

The pastel pink walls in this bedroom set the stage for a bright and light, slightly feminine look which is paired up with a velvet nude pink pouf, pillows, and natural wood tints. I love the way the green plants in the terracotta plant pots add a fresh touch to the room.

via Alvhem

Apart from the beautiful turn-of-the-century details in this bedroom, it’s the mixture of textiles on the bed that takes away all the attention in this space. The linen bed skirt, combined with the mixture of beige, white and brown textiles on the bed is really a winning look in combination with the wall lamps, the gallery wall, and the subtle accessories.

via Entrance Makleri

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