Living room with colorful furniture, plants, and leaf wallpaper

From accent walls to live plants, there are several ways to freshen up your space for

Spring is right around the corner, so its the perfect time to spruce up your space.

I’m an interior designer, and here are my tips for preparing your home for the new season:

Create a meditation corner

A meditation corner can be a space to unwind after a long day at work or to score some alone time before you interact with your partner in the morning.

To create a cozy sanctuary in the corner of a room, integrate comforting, yet uplifting decor elements, such as soft floor pillows, exciting artwork, candles, and a small side table or bench.

Freshen up your space with flowers and plants

Pink tulips on kitchen island in all-white kitchen

Fresh flowers are pretty and smell nice.Ekaterina Bondaretc/Shutterstock

I make it a practice to get fresh flowers every one to two weeks for multiple spaces, including my living room and bathroom.

Having fresh blooms in your space can liven and brighten your home. Plus adding houseplants may also help improve your mood, reduce fatigue, and lower stress and anxiety.

This is the season for spring cleaning

It’s time to finally organize your closets, bookcases, and storage units.

Spring is always a great time to get a fresh start, so take inventory of what brings you joy and what you need to toss.

Incorporate neutrals while still maintaining some pops of color

bed with white and pink sheets, with a gray throw blanket

Neutrals like light pink add a pop of

Use lighter fabrics to make your room feel bigger and brighter.

Layering shades of white and pale pink can be a lovely way to add a pop of color while still keeping your space neutral.

Liven up your space with seasonal smells

Adorn your space with scented candles to create ambiance.

Swap holiday wicks for something more spring-focused — like floral, lavender, or citrus candles — to liven up any room.

You can also add a purifier for a similar effect. I love using an essential-oil diffuser and lavender room spray to make my space smell fresh.

Create an accent wall with brighter colors

For this wall, consider light blues, pastel pinks, and daffodil yellows, as these colors can brighten up your space and mood.

You can also incorporate floral wallpaper to add pops of color and texture.

Switch up your accent pillows

Pink, yellow, green, and orange throw pillows on window sill

Swap the pillows on your sofa or nook.cdrin/Shutterstock

Swapping your accent pillows is a simple way to change up your living room and make it feel brand new.

Simply opt for spring colors and prints to align with the new season.

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