How to Reduce Energy Bills

ByDevin Pulos

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With energy bills on the rise, plenty of people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly spend. Energy is one of the biggest annual costs for UK families, so it only makes sense that you wish to find new ways to cut down on these now highly inflated prices.

Here’s our quick guide on how to reduce your energy bills, even by making only small changes to your everyday habits.

Draught-Proof Windows and Doors

The majority of cold air in the home enters the house through even the tiniest of gaps that can allow draught into your living space. Investing in upgrading your windows and doors to draught-proof designs will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

At Cloudy2Clear, we offer a range of high-quality draught-proof windows and doors that are designed exactly for this purpose. To keep your home draught-free, eventually reducing the amount of money you’ll be spending on your energy bills by insulating the home and keeping any warm air where it belongs – inside.

Double-glazed windows are another way to insulate your home effectively. Installing A-rated double glazing – and making sure your double-glazed windows are well-maintained – can save you tons on energy bills each year. With Cloudy2Clear, our leading double-glazed window replacement and installation services go the extra mile in making sure your home remains fully insulated, saving you money each year.

Use Tumble Dryer Alternatives

Tumble dryers are a must for many households, but they’re not energy efficient for the most part. Tumble dryers require a lot of energy since they’re both heating up and spinning your laundry at the same time. The high demands of a tumble dryer mean your laundry can be costing you up to £1.00 per spin – and that’s with a relatively energy efficient model.

Instead of using a tumble dryer for each wash, consider whether the weather would be suitable for drying your clothes outdoors. Doing this can even help keep your clothes smelling fresh, especially in the summer months as the temperature begins to rise. Alternatively, make use of the heat you’re already using in your home and use your radiators to dry your clothing.

Fill Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are an ideal time saver, but they’re not that great when it comes to considering your energy usage.
Make sure you’re not wasting energy by only filling half a dishwasher. Before you turn it on for a wash, your dishwasher should be full. This is because most dishwashers use the same amount of water no matter how full or empty it is – if it’s full when you turn it on, you’re not using all that water, and even dishwasher tablets, on just half a load.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, there are other ways you can save water on your washing up too. You can save money each month by washing your dishes in a bowl full of hot water and dish soap, rather than using a running tap.

Turn Off Standby Lights

Many of us don’t realise just how much we’re spending on energy wasted by keeping our appliances on standby, instead of turning them off altogether when they’re not in use.

Turning off all your appliances entirely can seem like a bit of extra effort, especially when it’s the last thing you want to be doing right before you go to bed at night. Luckily today, you can purchase plugs that you can turn off straight from your phone via a mobile app. Some of these apps even have self-timers, so after a certain period of not being used, the power will switch off automatically.

Other Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Energy Bills

While the above guide includes a useful checklist of ways you can reduce your energy bills, there are many other things you could consider that would reduce your monthly outgoings.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

The majority of appliances on the market today are using energy efficient technology in order to provide customers with more for their money. The energy efficiency of an appliance is based on a rating of A – G, with A being the rating that will save you the most money – and stop you contributing so much to environmental concerns. The energy efficiency scale previously went by the A+++ to D rating method, though the newer version as of 2020 makes it much easier to assess how efficient your appliances are.

Get a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can drastically reduce the amount you’re spending on energy. Smart thermostats are exactly that – smart. They’ll learn exactly how long it takes to heat up your home, and can therefore be programmed to heat your house for just the right amount of time. No more forgetting to turn off your heating, and watching those bills stack up as a result. What’s more, smart thermostats can actually be controlled right from your phone. This means whether you’re home or not, you can adjust the settings to suit your exact preferences for when you expect to return.

Wash Your Laundry at Lower Temperatures

Doing our laundry is a necessity, but the costs involved do add up. Your washing machine requires more energy if you set it to wash clothes at a higher temperature, so it’s no wonder that when you do opt for those higher wash temps, your energy bills will rise too. Even just going from a 40 degree to a 30 degree wash can make a difference in your spending, and if you manage to cut out any washes and make your clothes last just that one extra wear before washing – it all helps reduce your energy bills.

Reduce Your Energy Bills with Cloudy2Clear

At Cloudy2Clear, our eco-friendly technology helps not only your wallet, but the environment too. Making that initial investment in your home, windows, and doors is well worth it when you consider just how much energy you may be wasting with inefficient fixtures that are letting cold air in.

Our double-glazed window and draught-proof solutions make saving money on your energy bills simple. Don’t waste any longer with a home that’s losing money on heat – just because your windows aren’t doing their job. Our forward-thinking window designs also make your home less prone to damp conditions and noise pollution.

Up to 20% of the heat lost in your home is lost through your windows. Get in touch with Cloudy2Clear today HERE to fix this.




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