August 7, 2022


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How to Prepare for a Move

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Congrats! You’ve decided to move. Whether you’re venturing down the street or across the country, check out these simple tips to make your moving process simple and streamlined.

Game Plan

Outline a simple road map for your moving plans to make the transition as easy as possible. After concluding that you’re moving from your current dwelling, decide where you want to move next. Do you want to uproot and plant in a new city? The adjacent neighborhood? Advancing from an apartment to a house? Line up where you are headed next to make the moving process efficient and planned. Maybe you’re doing some soul searching and moving in with friends and family for the time being. If that’s your situation, don’t sweat the small stuff. Simply consider putting extra valuables in storage for a few months.


You know where you’re headed. Now, it’s time to organize your belongings and strategically group items for transport. Keep all clothes and bedroom items together. Likewise, you don’t want pots and pans mingling with your office supplies! When necessary, use boxes to store similar items. To ease post-move unpacking, quickly label each box or bag with what’s included inside. If your move is local, try bagging your clothes in trash bags for easy transport in your car. If your move is taking you miles away, perhaps the Midwest, consider movers westland mi to help with packing and transport.

Gear Up!

Lastly, prepare for the big move by making a “moving-day box” for yourself. Pack basic supplies, such as toilet paper and household tools, along with your personal supplies, to ensure your first night in your new pad is hassle free without digging through boxes.


No matter your final destination, enjoy the journey of moving and simplify the process with this quick guide. Happy moving! 

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