V neck is probably the second most popular t-shirt style out there. Most guys at least have a couple due to their versatility and the fact that it somehow makes you look dressed up, even if you’re wearing this tee with simple jeans or shorts. 

However, due to the crazy fashion rollercoaster V necks have been through the early 2000s (we’re looking at you, Mike The Situation), many people are worried about choosing the right V neck for them.

So if you’re also thinking about how deep V necks should be and want to look stylish and non-tacky, keep reading!

V neck tees

There are quite a few things to consider when shopping for and wearing V necks. 

As with any type of clothing, these tees come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and necklines. From V cuts that are very close to the neck, they’re almost crewneck to super deep cuts that show off all your chest and chest hair – you can find it all online and in brick and mortar stores.

You’ve probably noticed that today men’s V neck tees are more modest than women’s and come down to 3-4 inches. However, beware because some brands are still making those 2000s styles!


The benefits of a V neck

The right V neck t-shirt has quite a few benefits when it comes to style and looking your best. 

First of all, everyone looks just a little bit more put together when wearing a V neck, even on the most casual occasion. 

V necks are also an excellent choice for shorter guys because they have a lengthening effect and may you look taller. Have bigger cheeks? This tee can also soften that “babyface” look and make your jaw look more angular. 

This style is also perfect for those who want to make their shoulders visually broader. Not too shabby for a simple tee, right? 

Body shape 

We’re all built differently, and our body shape is the first thing we consider when buying pretty much any garment. Vneck t-shirts are no exception. 

For guys who spend many hours at the gym or are generally more muscular, the V neck can help show off their physique. They also have a higher tolerance for the V cut, though we wouldn’t get too carried away. 

Those who are skinnier and have thinner chests might want to consider a slightly more shallow V cut, so it doesn’t reveal the bony chest yet gives that optical illusion, making you look taller and wider. 


Don’t dive too deep…

So what’s too deep? Well, it’s too deep if it reveals too much skin and goes lower than 4 inches. Yes, even for the beach or clubbing, opt for something reasonable because it doesn’t matter if you live in a gym and look like the rock – a deep V cut will make you look tacky and ridiculous.

Be especially cautious if you have a thick layer of chest hair – in that case, the V cut should be even more shallow.

…but don’t stay too shallow

Many guys get scared of choosing a super deep V cut and overcorrecting it by buying V necks that are basically crewnecks. Yes, a super deep cut looks bad, but what’s the point of a V cut if it doesn’t reveal anything? 

How to know if you’re too safe? GQ says that the best way to avoid looking like your V cut is too shallow is to make sure the point of your collar falls somewhere horizontally in between the top of your shoulders and your armpits.

Get the right fit 

Are you a guy who loves oversized shirts, or are you known for wearing the tightest tees you can find? 

Well, none of these are great looks, so when shopping for new V neck tees, make sure they’re not too baggy and yet don’t make you look like you’re wearing a wetsuit. 

Always look for that balance and the perfect middle ground! 


Let’s not forget the role that the quality of your V neck plays in how you look in spite of how deep the V cut is. You can have the best style, but you’re toast if the fabric looks cheap.  

Our best recommendation is to choose tees made from 100% cotton or high-quality polyester blends. Both of these options are breathable, and the latter one also gives you more stretchiness and needs less ironing. 


A good V neck doesn’t have to cost an arm, and a leg, as many great brands make a hella great tee for an affordable price! 

Simple ways to style a V neck tee

Okay, so you found the best V cut, the ultimate fit, and high-quality fabric. It’s the perfect tee! Still unsure how to style it? We’ve got some timeless looks 

A white v neck and blue jeans

Everybody loves a white tee with blue jeans. This all-American look has conquered the world, and you can pull it off too with a high-quality V neck, classic straight blue jeans, and canvas or leather sneakers.

A v neck and a button-down shirt 

One of the timeless casual looks is a V neck and an unbuttoned shirt. This relaxed yet still put-together look for great for any season – just swap your winter jeans or chinos for shorts or linen pants for the summer!   

A V neck and a blazer

V necks make you look more put-together than crews, which makes them the perfect substitute under your work blazers or unstructured for warm spring and summer days. 


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